Coaches (Travel)

Request to be a Travel Coach

Please submit a request to coach a travel team before the end of the spring season.  Not everyone who requests to be a Travel coach becomes a travel coach.  It is MYS policy that players are placed on teams first, then coaches are reviewed and assigned teams.  Coaches are chosen based on previous experience (both In-Town and Travel), coaching licenses, coaching conduct and adherence to policy.

Coaching Term

Terms for coaching positions, both In-Town and Travel, are for a one-year term only (September to June). It is important to note that coaching one year does not guarantee being assigned a team the next year.  Volunteers must apply each year for a coaching position.  Limits to teams and terms is determined by our Travel Committee and our Director of Coaching.

Coaching Guidelines

The MYS Travel Committee has compiled a very informative and comprehensive document to guide travel coaches through a season.


BAYS travel team coaches are required to present a coach’s passcard before each game.  Not all referees ask for the cards each game, but it the responsibility of the MYS coach to produce if asked.

New Travel Coaches:  Please upload your picture through the coaches portal then notify that your picture is loaded and is ready to be printed. Please be sure your picture is uploaded as portrait and not sideways.  You may need to change the orientation of your picture then upload again in order to get the picture to show as portrait. Once MYSTravel has completed the printing of the cards, you will be notified and pick up will be either at the coaches meeting or left at the concession stand for pick up the morning of opening day games.

Coaches who lost their card:  Send a request to requesting a new card to be printed for you. Cards will be printed (from existing uploaded picture) and either distributed at the coaches meeting or left at the concession stand for pick up the morning of opening day games.

Coaches of MTOC teams:  Any Grade 6 or Grade 8 teams in Div 1 or Div 2 for the spring season will need the player passcards.  MYS Travel will contact you over the winter months to ask for you to get all team player pictures uploaded to your coaches portal.  Pictures must be uploaded in portrait orientation. Once that process is complete, please notify so those cards can be printed.  Distribution will be at the spring coaches meeting, but it is up to you to make sure all pictures are uploaded in plenty of time for the cards to be printed.

Instructions for uploading pictures

  1. Sign into Coaches Portal
  2. Click on the team name you are adding pictures for
  3. Click on Add Photo(or replace), select picture from C drive, save

Guest Coaches

Coaches must start the process of finding a replacement at least 1 week before game day.
A guest coach can be on the sidelines in place of the roster coaches.  Your guest coach must be registered with BAYS and MA Youth Soccer.  Registered means fee paid, valid CORI, valid pass card.  The Guest coach must hand write their coach info onto the roster, but the roster does not need to be checked into the Division Director.
If the coach is under 18 years of age:  An adult registered (refer above to what constitutes registered) coach must be on the sideline with any coach younger than 18yo.  Anyone younger than 18 does not need to have a CORI.


All MA Youth Soccer (MYSA) member towns are in an insurance program sponsored by MA Youth Soccer. We have been reminded by MA Youth Soccer that the insurance coverage that is in place for Mansfield Youth Soccer’s insurance coverage during the spring and fall season does not extend to indoor soccer.  In the past it has covered coaches, but it no longer covers our coaching staff for indoor soccer. If you coach indoor soccer, you will not have coverage through our program.


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