Referee Information

General Information

Youths age 12 to Adult are eligible to referee MYS games.

If you are interested in refereeing in our In-Town Program, please contact our Referee Director via email at

To be a referee in our Travel Program, you must be 14 years or older AND certified through Massachusetts State Referee Committee (MSRC).  Your certification requires renewal on an annual basis.


Certification Process (Travel Program Only)

The MSRC Referee Site contains step by step information on how to register for referee courses.  You must first complete the requirements and then register with BAYS to be assigned games.  Please note that you must be at least 14 years old to take the initial referee course.

  1.  Follow the Steps to Become a Referee on the Massachusetts State Referee Committee website.  Please note that you must be 14 years old or older to take the initial course.
  2. Sign up on BAYS to be assigned to Mansfield  Referee Registration BAYS website.  Check your name is in PENDING status.
  3. Fill in SSN in order to be paid by BAYS.
  4. Send email to MYS Referee Director indicating you have signed up on the BAYS site.  Please include your full name and certification number.
  5. After a few weeks, check the BAYS referee page to look for your assignment request to be approved and for games to be assigned.  If you were not approved after 2 weeks, please send another email to MYS Referee Director.  If your name is not submitted into PENDING 2 weeks before the start of fall or spring season, then your request to referee may wait until the following season.


BAYS Registration (Travel Program Only)

BAYS Referee Site contains step by step information on how to become a travel referee for BAYS.  You must register with BAYS so you can be assigned games and will be paid by BAYS.  Please click on the icon to be redirected to the BAYS website.




Assigning of Games

It is very important for referees (and parents) to understand that games are assigned based on MYS’s needs. There are a defined number of games available for assignment. Our goal is to keep a healthy pool of available and capable referees. MYS reserves the right to NOT add new referees to the pool until the need for more referees is supported by available games.  This may result in new referees waiting a season, or even a year, before games will be assigned or limited games being assigned.

The referee pool changes from season to season.  Before you take the certification course, we strongly encourage you to contact the MYS Referee Director to confirm that new referees are needed.

Travel:  If your request to ref was made at least 2 weeks before the season begins you should hear from the referee assignor 1 week before the season begins.
· You will receive email assignments for games each week
· You must accept the game within 24 hours

In-Town:  Games assignments are sent out on Friday evenings from our Referee Director.

Uniform and Equipment

Our Referees should have the items listed below.  We recommend WeGotSoccer or Official Sports to purchase your Referee equipment.

  • Yellow Referee Shirt (Black shirt is our secondary color)
  • Black shorts or pants
  • Cleats or sneakers (Cleats are suggested, metal spikes are not allowed)
  • Watch with stop-watch feature
  • Whistle
  • Flags (Travel only)
  • Red and Yellow cards (Travel only)


In-Town Referees are paid at the end of each season by MYS.  Travel Referees are paid through BAYS.

Referee Education

The following websites are excellent places to get beginning and continuing training as a referee:

US Youth Soccer 

Appealing to Youth Referees

Laws of the Game – through

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