Spring 2024 Registration is now Open!

**Registration Page**

Click the above link to get to Sports Manager Registration page.


Spring 2024 Fees

$110 for PK thru 6th grade Intown players  ($25 Late fee per PLAYER – beginning March 11, 2024)
$120 for all travel players ($30 late fee per PLAYER – beginning January 15, 2024)
$290 Family maximum (does not include Uniform and Late Fees)

Age to Register

Age groups are based on Grade.  This allows your children to play with their classmates.  Upon registration, please select the grade that your child will be in as of the season you are registering for.

If you are registering for Pre-K, please note that it must be ONE YEAR before you are eligible for Kindergarten in the Mansfield Public School system.

Please NOTESometimes the placement of your player in their appropriate age group may require manual assistance.  Please contact our Registrar if you cannot place your player with the Age Group you think they belong.



Parents wishing to withdraw their child after submitting a registration should refer to the Refund Request Form.


Financial Assistance

MYS is committed to allowing all children who want to play soccer, the opportunity to do so.  If, for any reason, you are unable to pay for the season fees, please complete our CONFIDENTIAL Online Financial Assistance Form.  Unfortunately, we are unable to financially help with the purchase of new Travel uniforms (as it is a separate vendor), but we can locate a used uniform for you.

Online Financial Assistance Form


Registration Instructions

New to Registering with MYS?  Need some help with Registration?  Check our Instructions first – but please reach out with any questions.


Please email our Registrar at



Why is the deadline for soccer season so early?

We know it seems early to have people register, but there is a lot behind the scenes that has to happen between registration and the start of a season.  MYS has to submit the number of travel teams to BAYS by mid-July for the Fall season and mid-January for the Spring season.  If we do not register enough teams or too many or register in the wrong division, MYS has to pay fines in order to make adjustments after the BAYS deadline.  We try to avoid that if we can.  We also have to order equipment in mid-July and mid- January as well so that they arrive in time for the season start.   We need to make sure that we have Coaches for each team and that there is enough time to process their CORI and other credentials.  We really appreciate your help and understanding by registering before the deadline so that MYS can plan for each season.

But In-town teams are not even announced until just before the season starts …

Again, part of our planning in the off season is based on the numbers of players who register.  For In-Town, we need time to get coaches and their CORIs processed.  We need to order uniforms and equipment a few months in advance to make sure they arrive in time for the season start.  We plan the field layouts and schedules based on our registration numbers as well.  The biggest impact of registration numbers is on the number of teams and players on each team that we have.  We receive a significant number of late registrations (despite all the reminders that we send).  MYS is committed to making sure that every child who wants to play soccer has that opportunity.  We do our best to balance the need for parents to plan against the late registrations that we get (and that affect our team numbers).  We do our best to release team rosters 1-2 weeks before the start of the season.  To help make planning easier for parents, we set the practice/game times in advance – and keep them the same for each Age Group for the year.  We hope this helps parents to at least be able to plan when and where to be every week!


PLEASE KNOW:  MYS is committed to offering the opportunity to play soccer to any child in the town of Mansfield.  In our In-Town program, we can usually place a player up to 4 weeks into the season.  In our Travel program, we do our absolute best to place any player who has registered and is on our Waitlist.  However, in the event that we cannot place a player due to full rosters, then the player’s registration fee will be returned by MYS.



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