Instructions for Online Registration

Instructions for Online Registration

Follow the process below to register and pay for Fall 2022 soccer for your children.  If you have any questions at any time during the Registration process, please email our Registrar at

Step 1:

Season Information: Display of registration fees and guide for age bracket leagues.  Click on the BLUE Season that you are registering for.

Pay special attention to DOB of leagues since your player will automatically default to a league based on DOB.

Family Look up: Enter your last name.  Families previously registered with MYS will display from the last name search. Select your family based on street and # of children playing soccer. If your family is not previously registered with MYS, or not found in search, then create a new account.

Waivers:  Please read our waivers and Code of Conduct.  Check that you have read and accept those items, and that you are over 18 years of age.


Step 3:

Player Selection/Registration: Select or add player to register. League for player will be defaulted based on cut off date and DOB.  Please select the grade that your child will be in that Season.  (For example, if you are registering in May for our Fall season, please select the grade that your child will be in in September.  Otherwise, your child may be put in the wrong Age Group!)  Age groups are Grade based for Town Soccer; opposed to by Birth Year for Club Soccer.  This allows your children to play with their classmates.

Please note:  If the Register button is grey, your child is not old enough to Register for our programs.  We follow the age cutoffs for Mansfield Public Schools.  To Register for PK, your child must be one year from going into Kindergarten in the Public School system.

Player Grade:  This is a double check on the grade you entered for your child.

League:  Select our In-Town or Travel Program.   Please be sure to check the grade AGAIN to make sure you are registering your child for the correct grade.

Uniforms:  For In-Town, you can order your uniform at this step.  Please be prepared to know what size uniform you will need at this step.  For Travel, you will need to order your uniform through our online store.  Please see our Uniforms and Apparel webpage for more information.

Scarf and Magnet:  You can order a MYS scarf or magnet at this point.

Select “Register” and you will be returned to your Family screen.  Repeat for any additional children in your family.

Step 4:

Volunteer questions: Fill out volunteer questions and comments.  If you wish to coach for more that one team, please indicate that in the Notes section.  You will be contacted to process your CORI.  When you are ready, select “Proceed”,

Step 5:

Checkout: Check summary of charges then move on to complete the credit card transaction. No child will be denied the opportunity to play soccer for financial reasons.


Step 6:

Player questions: Fill out email address and players questions for as many children you have registered.


DONE: Process is complete. Close browser window. Email receipt will be sent to you as confirmation of your registration.

Again, if you have any questions at any time during the Registration process, please email our Registrar at  Thank you!


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