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We really appreciate you volunteering your time.  All new or returning coaches must register online each year; regardless of registering for previous seasons.  If you will be coaching or plan to add a new coach/assistant to your team, please make sure to take care of all the requirements below.   The initial training courses are lengthy and around 1.5 hours each; so the sooner you complete them, the better.  Please ensure all requirements are met prior to the season starting to prevent any delays in getting your credentials and being able to coach.  We also ask that head coaches please help ensure your assistants are fully compliant by conveying this information to them.

Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) Requirements

All Coaches must register with MYSA to get your Coaching Credentials.  You can visit the Coaching Section of MYSA for details.


Coaching Requirements:

For this upcoming 2022-2023 soccer season, all coaches will need to register on this US Soccer Connect system and complete all the requirements.  This includes:

  1. Registering (as a new or returning user)
  2. Ensuring there is a photo headshot uploaded (no multi-person photos)
  3. Completing CORI and National Background Check- this is built-in to the registration process when you fill out all your personal information
  4. Completing Safe Sport Abuse Prevention training- certificate should upload automatically once completing
  5. Completing CDC Heads Up Concussion training and uploading the certificate

Registration/CORI for New Users (never registered previously in the system)

If you are a new user and have not previously registered, you will need to register as a New User by creating an account following the instructions with this link New User Help Guide
This will walk you through all the items listed above. Please make sure you have a headshot phot available to upload before starting registration.

Registration/CORI for Returning Users (you registered in the system a prior season)

If you previously coached and were registered with Mass Youth Soccer, then you should be able to register as a Returning User. Use this link Returning User Help Guide to login as a Returning User and follow the help guide for additional links to complete the training courses.  Check your profile first to see what training requirements are needed.

SafeSport Abuse Prevention Training 

Note: The Safe Sport Abuse Prevention training is an annual requirement, which means many people will have to take a refresher training if it was not recently completed.  While the original training is lengthy ~90 minutes, the refresher training should only take about 25 minutes.

CDC Concussion Training  

Note: The Concussion training is good for two years and after that will need to be retaken.
For the concussion training you need to first create an account for the CDC and then login to take the training. The training to take is the one for “Coaches”.


For New Coaches: Please print out your CORI acknowledgement form and that will be used to perform a quick one-time verification with your driver’s license.  We can coordinate do that verification in person when picking up your credentials or online using FaceTime, Teams, or another virtual platform.

For All Coaches: Once your registration and CORI information/background check (if needed) are complete and submitted, you should receive an automated confirmation email.  Picture credential cards will be distributed on a weeknight evening after Labor Day (date and time TBD) only if you have completed everything listed.  Returning coaches should reuse their lanyards from last season and insert the new cards into the plastic sleeve. New coaches will receive a new sleeve and lanyard.

You can reach out to MYS Risk Management at corimys@gmail.com for any general questions, if you need assistance uploading the certificates, or to coordinate the verification. For technical issues like trouble logging in, the help line number for registration is 855-703-2558 and listed on the last page of the guide.


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