Tournament Sportsmanship

We expect all teams to exemplify good sportsmanship and conduct themselves in a respectful manner at all times and to all involved. In keeping with that theme, the tournament committee has instituted a “Sportsmanship Rule” in order to ensure that teams in mismatched games are treated respectfully. As a reminder, the MAXIMUM GOAL DIFFERENTIAL that will count towards the standings and help advance a team is FIVE.

“Running up the score” past that differential serves no purpose in this tournament, by design, to ensure that all teams entered are treated with respect. Teams that disregard this rule will be penalized a point in the standings. (The winning team will only receive 2 points for a win instead of 3 points for a win.) The Tournament Committee reserves the right to increase the penalty if the behavior continues and could eliminate the team from playoff contention.

Teams will have multiple warnings before any penalties are imposed, however, the decision to penalize a team will be made by the Tournament Committee. Once a penalty has been assessed, it will not be reversed.

For age groups that do not qualify for playoffs (3rd & 4th Grade), warnings will be issued and documented for future reference and used in consideration of accepting or rejecting applications in the future.

We hope that by addressing and stating this rule prior to the start of the tournament that we will not have to enforce this policy.

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