Fall 2021 Travel Rosters

Travel rosters for Fall 2021 can be found below.  To sort on a particular column, click the arrows in the column header.  To search the entire table, use the Search box at the top right.  Or, to filter on a particular column, type the desired filter into the corresponding box at the bottom of the table.  You can also change the number of rows displayed at a time by updating the “Show x entries” drop-down.


BOYS5thAarin MethaTEAM II
BOYS6thAaron CucinottaTEAM II
GIRLS6thAbby BowmasterTEAM III
BOYS3rdBryce ClintonGreen Hornets
GIRLS5thAbigail SchusslerTEAM I
GIRLS7th & 8th Abigail ZnojTeam II
GIRLS4thAbigail RosemarkTEAM III
GIRLS3rdAdalee MiaoHornets
BOYS7th-8thAdam CooneyTEAM III
BOYS6thAdam GardnerTEAM I
BOYS4thAdam DrissTeam II
GIRLS7th & 8th Addison FrenetteTeam I
GIRLS6thAddison BednarekTEAM II
BOYS7th-8thAdhiraj Bhosale PatilTEAM III
BOYS6thAidan NorigeTEAM I
BOYS5thAidan SherlockTEAM III
GIRLS3rdAina EscuderosBuzz
BOYS7th-8thAjay AthreyaTEAM II
GIRLS7th & 8th Alanna LipskyTeam III
GIRLS7th & 8th Alexandra FernandesTeam I
GIRLS7th & 8th Alexandra LemanTeam II
GIRLS7th & 8th Alexandra Todorova PetrovaTeam II
GIRLS6thAlexis AquinoTEAM I
GIRLS6thAlexis Hebard TEAM III
GIRLS7th & 8th Allison KoppyTeam I
GIRLS5thAmelia BurgessTEAM I
GIRLS7th & 8th Amy ZajacTeam II
GIRLS7th & 8th Anabel SilvaTeam IV
BOYS7th-8thAndrew DeckettTEAM III
GIRLS5thAngelina DiIesoTEAM I
BOYS7th-8thAngelo MeglioTEAM III
GIRLS6thAnnabel ReynoldsTEAM III
GIRLS6thAnnabelle JohnsonTEAM III
GIRLS7th & 8th Annalise BilodeauTeam IV
GIRLS4thAnnie McQuireTEAM II
BOYS5thAnthony DaaboulTEAM III
GIRLS5thAoife CartyTEAM I
GIRLS4thArieel WigganTEAM III
BOYS7th-8thArpith ThipparthiTEAM II
GIRLS7th & 8th Ashleigh CromackTeam III
BOYS6thAtharva AtluriTEAM III
GIRLS7th & 8th Audrey PuleoTeam II
GIRLS3rdAurora AquinoGreen Hornets
GIRLS7th & 8th Ava NorigeTeam II
GIRLS7th & 8th Ava AquinoTeam II
GIRLS5thAva Louise PatrinosTEAM I
GIRLS7th & 8th Ava MadeiraTeam IV
GIRLS7th & 8th Avery LakeTeam IV
GIRLS3rdAvery ShanahanGreen Hornets
GIRLS6thAyla DoloresTEAM I
GIRLS6thBelen Martin NeillTEAM II
GIRLS4thBella CucinattaTEAM II
GIRLS4thBella JohnsonTEAM II
BOYS6thBenjamin CurryTEAM III
BOYS7th-8thBenjamin DiGiovanniTEAM III
BOYS6thBenjamin FlemingTEAM II
GIRLS7th & 8th Bianca BilodeauTeam IV
BOYS7th-8thBilal ZakiTEAM II
BOYS4thBlake FetkyTeam III
BOYS3rdCaleb EmordGreen Hornets
BOYS5thBrayden McIntyreTEAM III
BOYS7th-8thBrennan RocheTEAM I
BOYS7th-8thBrian JonesTEAM II
GIRLS3rdBriella CampbellHornets
GIRLS7th & 8th Brielle BilodeauTeam III
BOYS6thBrock SullivanTEAM III
BOYS4thBrody McPhersonTeam I
BOYS7th-8thBryan RogersTEAM III
BOYS3rdConnor DunnGreen Hornets
GIRLS3rdBryce LoganBuzz
BOYS5thCaden KiernanTEAM III
GIRLS4thCairenn GeaganTEAM III
GIRLS6thCaitlin SlaneyTEAM III
BOYS3rdDylan CiccarelliGreen Hornets
BOYS6thCallum HolmesTEAM I
GIRLS7th & 8th Cally AmaraTeam III
BOYS4thCalvin MithcelTeam II
BOYS4thCamden HolmesTeam I
BOYS4thCarson KirschTeam II
BOYS5thCarter PierceTEAM II
BOYS6thCayden CampbellTEAM III
GIRLS6thCecilia KilloryTEAM II
BOYS4thCharlie BurchTeam II
GIRLS4thCharlotte McintryeTEAM I
BOYS5thChase LipskyTEAM II
BOYS7th-8thChristopher PalmerTEAM III
BOYS7th-8thChristopher RodrigueTEAM I
BOYS4thChristopher AndruzziTeam II
BOYS4thChristopher DublanicaTeam III
GIRLS7th & 8th Claire Martin NeillTeam IV
BOYS7th-8thCody SilverTEAM I
BOYS7th-8thCole BonnymanTEAM II
BOYS3rdEmmitt GreyGreen Hornets
BOYS6thColin DonovanTEAM III
BOYS7th-8thColin OConnorTEAM III
BOYS4thColin keyesTeam III
GIRLS5thColleen CroakTEAM I
BOYS6thConnor CummingsTEAM III
BOYS3rdJackson LopesGreen Hornets
BOYS6thConnor FernandesTEAM I
BOYS6thConnor McNeillTEAM II
BOYS7th-8thCooper PhillipsTEAM III
BOYS3rdJoseph McnamaraGreen Hornets
GIRLS3rdDanica MedeirosGreen Hornets
BOYS7th-8thDaniel FlemingTEAM I
BOYS7th-8thDeclan GallivanTEAM I
BOYS4thDeclan McMorrowTeam I
GIRLS5thDelaney FletcherTEAM II
GIRLS4thDelaney ConnellTEAM I
BOYS5thDerek DoloresTEAM II
BOYS7th-8thDev GodaraTEAM III
GIRLS6thDiana ForghanTEAM III
BOYS7th-8thDorven PierreTEAM III
BOYS4thDrew BertolamiTeam III
BOYS3rdKiaan MehtaGreen Hornets
BOYS3rdMaxwell ParsonsGreen Hornets
BOYS3rdAbdullah HosnyHornets
BOYS5thDylan CorreiaTEAM II
BOYS4thDylan PozzoTeam III
GIRLS6thEleanor WalshTEAM II
GIRLS7th & 8th Elise McCormickTeam III
GIRLS6thElizabeth CosgroveTEAM II
GIRLS7th & 8th Elizabeth FlAHERTYTeam III
GIRLS7th & 8th Elle McgrathTeam II
GIRLS3rdEmily KobasaHornets
GIRLS3rdEmily LaCivitaGreen Hornets
GIRLS7th & 8th Emily TaberTeam III
GIRLS7th & 8th Emma McphersonTeam I
GIRLS5thEmma BuckleyTEAM I
GIRLS7th & 8th Emma JoynesTeam III
GIRLS3rdEmma MannarinoBuzz
GIRLS3rdEmma Martin NeillHornets
GIRLS7th & 8th Emmeline McInnisTeam IV
BOYS3rdDylan MurphyHornets
BOYS3rdGeorge PretoHornets
BOYS6thEthan MiaoTEAM II
BOYS7th-8thEvan HefezTEAM I
GIRLS3rdFathima IrfanBuzz
GIRLS4thFinley PeabodyTEAM I
GIRLS4thGabreilla BruckerTEAM II
GIRLS5thGabriella CharltonTEAM II
GIRLS6thGabrielle RogersTEAM I
BOYS4thGarrett KobsTeam III
BOYS7th-8thGautam Ramiah MaheswaranTEAM III
BOYS7th-8thGavin GarnettTEAM III
BOYS3rdJeremiah MilfortHornets
GIRLS5thGia BilloneTEAM II
GIRLS3rdGiuliana PalmerHornets
GIRLS4thGrace LavigneTEAM III
BOYS4thGreyson CooperTeam I
GIRLS3rdGwen ConleyGreen Hornets
GIRLS7th & 8th Hailey KnappTeam III
GIRLS7th & 8th Hailey NieratkoTeam II
GIRLS6thHaley ReardonTEAM II
GIRLS4thHanna KiernanTEAM II
GIRLS4thHannah GentiliTEAM I
GIRLS4thHarlow SmithTEAM III
BOYS5thHarrison FletcherTEAM III
BOYS7th-8thHarry PatrinosTEAM II
BOYS7th-8thHenry FitzPatrickTEAM I
BOYS7th-8thHomam SengabaTEAM II
BOYS4thIan MooreTeam I
GIRLS3rdIsabella DiPetrilloGreen Hornets
GIRLS7th & 8th Isabella AnthonyTeam II
BOYS7th-8thJack BaileyTEAM III
BOYS7th-8thJack BenvissutoTEAM III
BOYS5thJack ConleyTEAM III
BOYS5thJack JohnsonTEAM I
BOYS5thJack PfeifferTEAM II
BOYS6thJackson HowardTEAM I
BOYS3rdLiam LevesqueHornets
BOYS4thJackson Hubler Team II
BOYS7th-8thJacob DanceyTEAM I
BOYS5thJacob FederlineTEAM II
BOYS5thJacob SextonTEAM I
GIRLS4thJanelle WardTEAM I
BOYS5thJay BartlettTEAM III
BOYS3rdLiam MikisaHornets
BOYS6thJoey OkeefeTEAM II
BOYS7th-8thJordan McIntyreTEAM III
BOYS7th-8thJoseph FederlineTEAM II
BOYS3rdNeiman Anthony IshacHornets
GIRLS7th & 8th Jouri ShehadehTeam III
GIRLS7th & 8th Julia ArmasTeam IV
BOYS5thJulian FrancoTEAM I
BOYS6thJulius SkyesTEAM II
GIRLS4thJune JohnsonTEAM II
GIRLS3rdKaila BlakeyBuzz
GIRLS7th & 8th Kalissa FredricksTeam II
GIRLS3rdKate CsernyHornets
GIRLS3rdKate HigginsHornets
GIRLS7th & 8th Katelyn TroiloTeam I
GIRLS4thKatelynn HerrickTEAM I
GIRLS7th & 8th Katherine (Katie) KeefeTeam III
GIRLS7th & 8th Katherine G McGloneTeam IV
BOYS5thKayhan ForghanTEAM III
GIRLS5thKaylee MirabileTEAM II
BOYS5thKeagan QuersherTEAM II
GIRLS7th & 8th Kelsey OConnorTeam I
GIRLS6thKennedy ReardonTEAM III
BOYS3rdPatrick DonovanHornets
BOYS6thKyle MedeirosTEAM I
GIRLS5thKylie GallivanTEAM II
BOYS6thLandon OConnorTEAM II
GIRLS7th & 8th Lauren SignorielloTeam I
GIRLS5thLayley OReillyTEAM II
GIRLS3rdLeah MiceliGreen Hornets
GIRLS5thLeanna LevesqueTEAM II
BOYS4thLeo MullinTeam I
BOYS4thLevi HenriqueTeam III
GIRLS7th & 8th Levina Leggett Team IV
GIRLS7th & 8th Lexi FletcherTeam II
BOYS5thLiam FlinnTEAM II
BOYS3rdRyan DrissHornets
BOYS3rdBraeden ONeillSwarm
BOYS3rdCole PettySwarm
BOYS4thLiam JablonskiTeam II
GIRLS4thLillian CressyTEAM II
GIRLS3rdLily NorcrossGreen Hornets
GIRLS7th & 8th Lily RocheTeam IV
BOYS5thLincoln DuryTEAM I
GIRLS5thLindsay DeSistaTEAM II
BOYS3rdCristiano RussellSwarm
BOYS4thLuke BaileyTeam III
BOYS7th-8thLunis SaidjTEAM I
GIRLS6thLyla JordanTEAM I
GIRLS3rdMacy AlmeidaBuzz
GIRLS7th & 8th Madeline BoyleTeam I
GIRLS7th & 8th Madeline FernandesTeam I
GIRLS7th & 8th Madeline WisdomTeam III
GIRLS7th & 8th Madelyn BuckleyTeam I
GIRLS4thMadelyn JoynesTEAM III
GIRLS3rdMadison EaganHornets
GIRLS6thMadison ONeillTEAM I
GIRLS5thMaeve FittsTEAM I
GIRLS3rdMaggie OkeefeHornets
GIRLS6thMaggie VallettTEAM II
BOYS6thMalik NaidjateTEAM III
GIRLS6thMalori WaldronTEAM I
BOYS5thMario Harrison TEAM I
GIRLS4thMarissa CookTEAM III
BOYS3rdDylan DeFreitasSwarm
GIRLS3rdMary TomaseBuzz
GIRLS4thMary RocheTEAM I
BOYS6thMason CarrTEAM I
BOYS4thMason atallahTeam II
BOYS6thMatthew KobasaTEAM II
BOYS5thMatthew PfeifferTEAM I
BOYS3rdEthan LovettSwarm
GIRLS4thMaya smithTEAM I
GIRLS7th & 8th Meeghan WalshTeam IV
GIRLS6thMeghan DonovanTEAM III
GIRLS7th & 8th Mia NieratkoTeam II
BOYS4thMicah MiaoTeam I
GIRLS5thMicayla MorrisTEAM II
BOYS7th-8thMichael NosovitskiTEAM I
BOYS7th-8thMichael RocheTEAM I
GIRLS4thMichaela LeggertTEAM II
BOYS7th-8thMicheal ChartierTEAM III
GIRLS6thMichella WarrenTEAM III
BOYS6thMiles BeckwithTEAM III
BOYS4thMiles LaneTeam II
GIRLS7th & 8th Minnie CollinsTeam II
GIRLS7th & 8th Moira CosgroveTeam II
GIRLS5thMolly MorrisTEAM II
GIRLS4thMolly KurtzmanTEAM II
BOYS4thNate MikisaTeam I
BOYS7th-8thNathan KobsTEAM III
BOYS4thNathaniel ArchibaldTeam III
GIRLS7th & 8th Neave DoyleTeam I
BOYS3rdLiam SalzsiederSwarm
BOYS7th-8thNicholas DiVastaTEAM I
BOYS4thNikos Sevastos Team II
BOYS6thNoah SigmanTEAM I
GIRLS4thOliva HaalandTEAM II
GIRLS7th & 8th Olivia DuBoseTeam IV
GIRLS7th & 8th Olivia DunhamTeam I
GIRLS5thOlivia RobinsonTEAM I
BOYS7th-8thOwen AdamsTEAM II
BOYS7th-8thOwen BertolamiTEAM II
BOYS7th-8thOwen DiGregorioTEAM II
GIRLS6thPaige AustinTEAM I
GIRLS3rdPaige BurgessBuzz
GIRLS7th & 8th Parker SelmonTeam II
BOYS6thParker DublanicaTEAM III
BOYS3rdLogan PowerSwarm
BOYS4thPaul GianiotisTeam III
GIRLS3rdPenny CollinsGreen Hornets
GIRLS3rdPhoebe RothBuzz
BOYS7th-8thPratyush TekumallaTEAM II
BOYS6thQuinn DickinsonTEAM III
GIRLS7th & 8th Reese HomsiTeam III
GIRLS4thReese GiordanoTEAM I
GIRLS4thRegan SlaneyTEAM I
GIRLS7th & 8th Reynolds AutumTeam IV
BOYS6thReyvansh SrivastavaTEAM III
BOYS5thRichard CoppTEAM I
GIRLS7th & 8th Riley AustinTeam I
GIRLS5thRiley LaCameraTEAM I
GIRLS6thRiley ZukowskiTEAM I
GIRLS7th & 8th Riyah BaezTeam III
BOYS5thRobert StockTEAM I
BOYS5thRocco GiordanoTEAM I
GIRLS7th & 8th Rowan DubeTeam IV
BOYS3rdMark LaneSwarm
BOYS7th-8thRyan JohnsonTEAM II
BOYS5thRyan MiceliTEAM II
GIRLS6thRylie PowersTEAM I
GIRLS4thRylin ReaganTEAM III
GIRLS7th & 8th Sadie JablonskiTeam III
GIRLS7th & 8th Saidj, NinaTeam II
BOYS5thSamuel CurleyTEAM III
GIRLS4thSara SylviaTEAM II
GIRLS6thSarah JonesTEAM I
GIRLS5thSarah LanaganTEAM I
GIRLS7th & 8th Shannon FlynnTeam IV
GIRLS7th & 8th Shreshta MachaTeam IV
BOYS5thShwaas SakhalkarTEAM I
GIRLS6thSophia ConnaughtonTEAM I
GIRLS7th & 8th Sophia FoleyTeam I
GIRLS7th & 8th Sophie MooreTeam II
GIRLS7th & 8th Sophie ShoneTeam I
BOYS7th-8thSriram MarthineniTEAM III
BOYS7th-8thSujay Reddy GaddamTEAM I
GIRLS3rdSusan EitasGreen Hornets
GIRLS7th & 8th Sydney DiVastaTeam I
GIRLS5thSydney MazurTEAM II
GIRLS5thSydney SantucciTEAM I
GIRLS7th & 8th Taylor SelmonTeam III
GIRLS7th & 8th Teagan BalzariniTeam IV
BOYS5thTheodore Ryne SchoonveldTEAM III
GIRLS7th & 8th Tiara DiazTeam III
BOYS7th-8thTJ WillisTEAM II
BOYS6thTrey WhiteTEAM II
BOYS7th-8thTroy Lasbury-CaseyTEAM I
BOYS7th-8thTyler CookTEAM I
BOYS6thTyler GentiliTEAM I
BOYS7th-8thTyler IovinoTEAM I
BOYS6thTyler McNeillTEAM II
BOYS4thTyler Harte Team I
BOYS4thTyler LaCameraTeam I
BOYS7th-8thVaibhav DaruriTEAM II
BOYS4thVardaan PithaniTeam III
BOYS7th & 8th Victor MoyaTeam III
GIRLS6thVictoria DiPetrilloTEAM II
GIRLS3rdVictoria StevensHornets
BOYS6thVihaan TripathiTEAM II
BOYS5thVihaan VobhilineniTEAM I
BOYS3rdWade DublanicaSwarm
BOYS7th-8thWilliam FennellTEAM II
BOYS5thWilliam HogencampTEAM I
BOYS3rdWilliam ThibaultSwarm
BOYS5thYacine HadjijTEAM II
BOYS7th-8thZachary QuersherTEAM II
BOYS6thZachary SalisburyTEAM I
BOYS5thZavier CadetTEAM II
GIRLS5thZoe JamersonTEAM II
GIRLS7th & 8th Zoe TowleTeam IV
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