Evaluations and Placement (Travel Program)

Travel Team Evaluations       

All travel players must register and attend MYS Travel Evaluations that are held in May/June of every year.  If you plan to play in Spring only, you still must register and attend the Travel Evaluations.

Evaluations are organized by our Director of Coaching and Travel Committee with one or two Board members at each evaluation.  Evaluators are current and former coaches from our Travel program; none of the evaluators evaluate the age group they coach nor any age group that their child participates in.

Upon arrival to the fields, players are given a pinney and a number to keep them anonymous from the Evaluators.  Players are evaluated on a number of criteria that are listed in the section “Team Placement”.  All scores are kept confidential and are not shared with coaches, players or parents.


Evaluation Schedule for 2022/23 Season

TBA in April


Team Placement

Teams are created using the data from three (3) sources as described below. The Travel Committee desires to keep the process as fair as possible.  To do so, players are placed using anonymous numbers until teams are finalized.

  • Player Evaluations, ratings of each player based upon the following criteria:
    • Tactical skill
    • Technical skill
    • Offensive and defensive play
    • Position sense
    • Aggressiveness 
  • Live Game Evaluations: The objective is to evaluate each player’s overall skill against players of similar skill levels in a game situation and at game speed.  If a player is not in attendance at the game that was evaluated this is not held as a negative in any way in the process. 
  • Coach Evaluation of Players: Each player is evaluated in the following categories:
    • Dribbling/passing/receiving/shooting
    • Defending/tackling
    • Positioning/game sense
    • Physical presence/aggressiveness
    • The following does not affect a player’s overall score:
      • Commitment
      • Coach’s comments
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