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Mansfield Youth Soccer travel  program is associated with Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association. We participate in the BAYS league (Boston Area Youth Soccer, Inc.). We currently have over 500 players in the travel program, which translates to coordinating approximately 40 teams. Each team has a volunteer head coach, an assistant coach and a in some cases team parent, which any parent may volunteer to do. All adult volunteers must supply their date of birth on the player registration form, this is required for CORI checks to be done by MYSA.

In late May MYS begins the process of getting ready for the following year’s (fall and spring) soccer programs. MYS generally receives a good number of questions regarding the evaluations and team selection process for the Travel program. In an attempt to share information direct from the source please refer to our FAQs below.

Travel Team Evaluations         Link To Evaluation Schedule

The MYS  Travel program is more competitive than our MYS In-town Program and requires traveling to local towns. Any player (U-9 to U14) may register for the Fall Travel program and will be placed on an appropriate travel team based on skill level. All fall registered travel players must attend MYS Travel Evaluations which are held in May/June of every year. Player assessment is based on 3 sources of data:

Player Evaluations,  ratings of each player based upon the following criteria:
                o Tactical skill.
                o Technical skill.
                o Offensive and defensive play.
                o Position sense.
                o Aggressiveness.
Live Game Evaluations: The objective is to evaluate each player’s overall skill against players of similar skill levels in a game situation and at game speed.  If a player is not in attendance at the game that was evaluated this is not held as a negative in any way in the process.
Coach Evaluation of Players: 
            Each player is evaluated in the following categories:
                  o Dribbling/passing/receiving/shooting.
                  o Defending/tackling.
                  o Positioning/game sense.
                  o Physical presence/aggressiveness.
                  o The following does not affect a player’s overall score:
                          i. Commitment.
                         ii. Coach’s comments.


New Travel players will need to purchase a new uniform, this is different than what was used for Intown. All registered travel players must supply their own soccer cleats and shin pads. MYS highly recommends the use of mouth guards.

Online Order Here – MYS Apparel Link

  • If you are a returning travel player from last season, when you order your New Jersey Please use your current jersey number.
  • If you are a new to the travel program or have not played in a couple of seasons please contact the equipment director for your jersey number.
  • Orders will be shipped directly to your Home!

Size Chart 3.23.2017




Frequently Asked Questions

In the MYS Travel program, the team placement process involves evaluations and does not accommodate ‘team requests’ that may have been allowed in the InTown program. One exception to this policy is in the case of same-grade siblings. The Travel policy is that same-grade siblings can be arranged on the same team if the parents request the siblings are not separated. However, if one sibling is placed on a lower team, both siblings must play on that lower team in order to accommodate the same team request.

Example: One sibling’s evaluation data places them on the ‘A’ team, the other sibling’s evaluation data places them on the ‘B’ team. If the parents request the siblings are not separated, both players will be placed the ‘B’ team. We allow for players to be moved down against their placement data but not vice versa.

Obviously, if both sibling’s placement data places them at the same team level there is no issue with potential separation.

If you are new to the Travel program, our league (BAYS) sets standard Saturday game times for every grade. This means there is a potential that same-grade siblings on different MYS teams will have games at the same time on Saturday but one could be home in Mansfield and the other in an away town (or both away). MYS teams are created and published before BAYS releases the season schedule so there is no way to know of potential conflicts beforehand. Also, the weekday practices schedules of different teams will likely be different days and times.

Please reply to us confirming if you would like your twins to remain on the same team. If the placement process dictates potential separation, we will follow the process as noted above to honor a request to keep them together if requested (they both play on the lower placement team of the two).

Please be aware, no specific evaluation data is shared outside of the Travel Committee even with the parents of players. This is the case for all MYS Travel players/parents.


All refund requests for a season must be submitted electronically prior to the following dates to receive the specified refund:


– BEFORE Players age group’s tryout date: A FULL REFUND WILL BE ISSUED
o (minus a $15 processing charge)
– BETWEEN tryout date and June 30: A REFUND OF 75% WILL BE ISSUED


– 14 calendar days AFTER the spring travel registration is closed (late December): NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED

There are no refunds due to inclement weather.

Please click to submit electronicall  ——> Refund Form

Your request will take 2-4 weeks to process.

Age groups have been revised to be both Grade based and DOB based.  This allows your children to play with their classmates.  The changes are visualized in the chart below but represent an expansion of the age group from current 8/1 extended back to 1/1 of the same year so now less waivers are needed. For example: Current U8 is 8/1/07 – 7/31/08.  The changes in the Fall will change to Grade 3 and after 1/1/07.  Players are expected to remain with their current teams playing with their grade.

Fall 2016 Chart:

Current Age Group Fall 2016 Age Group Change Grade as of Sept 2016 Born on/after Date
U5 Grade PK PK 1/1/2011
U6 Grade K K 1/1/2010
U7 Grade 1 1st 1/1/2009
U8 Grade 2 2nd 1/1/2008
U9 Grade 3 3rd 1/1/2007
U10 Grade 4 4th 1/1/2006
U11 Grade 5 5th 1/1/2005
U12 Grade 6 6th 1/1/2004
U13/U14 Grade 7/8 7th/8th 1/1/2002

Important: System limitations have resulted in potential glitches (primarily with older children in each age group) which may require MYS manual assistance.  So please leverage the above chart when completing your online registration.

Playing Down:  A player may NOT play down with their grade if their DOB does not fall within the BAYS guidelines (teams placed in Division 1 or 2).  A waiver may be obtained at the discretion of BAYS for a player participating on a team placed in Division 3 or lower.

The general rule is if the turf is used for a non-MYS organized mid-to-large(6+) group activity, team games or practices then it should be permitted with the town.  If being used for MYS(or MHS) teams then it is permitted under MYS’ general permit. This actually goes for the town grass fields too. If the non-MYS organized group is made up of at least 1/2 Mansfield residents then the rental fee is reduced or waived but the group does need to produce proof of insurance.

If not for organized use and/or less than 6 people*pick up type of activities) then check with MYS on the schedule.  If it is permitted to another group at the same time then MYS will know.  If in use then just move to a grass field if a permitted group is already using the field.  Check with

Age Group Comparison Chart

Age group U18/U19 U16 U13/14 U11/U12 U9/U10
Number of players 11v11 11v11 11v11 8v8 6v6
Minimum # to start game 7 8 8 6 5
Minimum # to continue play 7 7 7 5 4
Length of half (minutes) 45 40 35 30 30
Ball size 5 5 5 4 4
Offside rule? Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Penalty kick distance (yds) 12 12 12 10 8
Coaches must start the process of finding a replacement at least 1 week before game day.
A guest coach can be on the sidelines in place of the roster coaches.
Guest coach must be registered with BAYS and MA Youth Soccer.  Registered means fee paid, valid CORI, valid pass card.
Guest coach must hand write their coach info onto the roster, roster does not need to be checked into Division Director
If the coach is a youth (under 18)
An adult registered (refer above to what constitutes registered) coach must be on the sideline with any coach younger than 18
Younger than 18 do not need to be CORId

Click to enter Parent Login

Sign into the parent portal using your email registered with MYS (this is the email you are currently receiving Sports Manager emails to)

Find player name which photo is being uploaded for

Click on Add Photo or Replace Photo

Type in location of picture (from your computer or mobile device)

Click Submit (be sure picture is loaded as portrait and not sideways, if sideways fix photo on computer and Replace photo)

The process is complete.

Yes MYS travel has complied a very informative and comprehensive document to guide travel coaches through a season.

Download Document


BAYS travel team coaches are required to present a coach’s passcard before each game.  Not all referees ask for the cards each game but it the responsibility of the MYS coach to produce if asked.

New Travel Coaches

Please upload your picture through the coaches portal then notify that your picture is loaded and is ready to be printed. Please be sure your picture is uploaded as portrait and not sideways.  You may need to change the orientation of your picture then upload again in order to get the picture to show as portrait. Once MYSTravel completed the printing of the cards you will be notified and pick up will be either at the coaches meeting or left at the concession stand for pick up the morning of opening day games.

Coaches who lost their card

Send a request to requesting a new card be printed for you. Cards will be printed (from existing uploaded picture) and either distributed at the coaches meeting or left at the concession stand for pick up the morning of opening day games.

Coaches of MTOC teams

Any U12 or U14 or U16 team in Div 1 or Div 2 for the spring season will need the player passcards.(U18 only D1 teams) MYS travel registrar will contact you over the winter months to ask for you to get all team player pictures uploaded to your coaches portal.  Pictures must be uploaded in portrait orientation. Once complete please notify so those cards can be printed.  Distribution will be at the spring coaches meeting but it is up to you to make sure all pictures are uploaded in plenty of time for the cards to be printed.

Instructions for uploading pictures

Sign into Coaches Portal
Click on the team name you are adding pictures for
Click on Add Photo(or replace), select picture from C drive, save

Click here to access to Coaches Portal




The BAYS league not only consist of youth (3rd grade thru 8th grade) teams but it also offers high school age leagues for spring soccer only.  The HS age groups are U15/U16 (Freshman/Sophomore) and U17/U18 (Junior/Senior) and U19 (1st year college) both boys and girls. Mansfield Youth Soccer enters teams into the BAYS league and historically those teams have earned MTOC*  playoff spots and have gone on to become MTOC Championships. This league is a great opportunity for HS players  to keep their soccer skills sharp in the off season as well as play for Championship status.

Spring 2015 season starts on April 26th. The HS games are played on Sundays afternoons and practices are determined by team/coach. Many of the teams have limited practices making the commitment the team closer to once a week.  The commitment rarely conflicts with HS spring sports.  Coaches are volunteer members of Mansfield community.  Players playing on soccer club teams are not eligible to dual roster on these teams. All other players are welcome.  The HS season starts the end of April and ends mid-June (7 regular games with no game on Memorial Day Weekend/potential multiple playoff games).   U16 Girls play at 1pm and U18 girls at 4:30pm.  U16 boys play at 2:45pm and U18 boys at 4:30pm. (though those times do vary town to town)

The process for registration is for players to register with MYS at the link below. The registration will be ZERO FEE, it identifies player commitment to the league as well as gathers insurance wavier information. Late-March interest is gaged by the commitment of registrations.  If there are enough players committed then a team will be placed in the BAYS league.  Player payment will be due to coaches and submitted to MYS when the team is submitted to BAYS.  Player fee is approximately $115.00.

The direct line to submit questions to is

*The Massachusetts Tournament of Champions (MTOC) is a season-ending tournament sponsored by Mass Youth Soccer that brings together age/gender group champions from participating travel leagues. The leagues that participate in MTOC are: Berkshire, BAYS, Coastal, Essex, MAYS, Middlesex, Nashoba, Pioneer Valley, South Coast and South Shore

Terms for coaching positions, In-Town and Travel, are for a one-year term only. It is important to note that coaching one year does not guarantee being assigned a team the next year.  Volunteers must apply each year for a coaching position.  Limits to teams and terms is determined by the travel committee and coach development director.

Each season MYS is tasked with identifying volunteer coaches for both their In-Town and Travel program.  A travel coaching selection committee will review each coaching candidate based upon the following:  Completed Coach’s application, Willingness to abide by BAYS Code of Conduct/MYS Playing Policy, MYSA Licensure, Prior coaching experience: Including coaching feedback – parents, MYS Board Members, Soccer playing experience, CORI check.  In the event that there are multiple candidates with equal qualifications, the final selection will be made by the Travel Program Director.

Players participate in at least 50% of every game.

Each team has a volunteer Head Coach with the objective of assigning at least one (1) Assistant Coach, as well as a team parent. Additional volunteer coaches may be selected based upon roster size, game schedule, or other event.   A team parent is also encouraged to help with coordinating communications to the team (fundraising, team events, car pooling, coaches’ gifts, etc.).

It is the philosophy of MYS to form teams of appropriate size to maximize player participation and game endurance.  Targeted roster sizes are noted in the MYS policy manual.

The Travel Program Director reviews all teams prior to the start of each season (Spring and Fall), and submits to BAYS a recommended Division and Section of play. The recommendation is based upon a team’s performance during the prior season, roster changes, and game size (ie. 6v6, 8v8, or 11v11). When a new team or a blended equal strength team is formed, the Travel Program Director will submit this information to BAYS for divisional placement of similar teams. MYS does its best to have teams placed within the appropriate bracket so that each team will be evenly matched against its competition.

BAYS is the travel league we participate in with over 50 other towns in the metro west area. Bays has over 1,000 teams participating and is broken up into 4 divisions of teams in each age group, with many sections in each division. Once MYS build teams – we try to have them placed in an appropriate division/section of BAYS so that any given team is playing against similarly skilled teams. If over time [season] one team improves relative to the peers in the section – BAYS can move that team up to face more competition – if one team is really struggling, BAYS will move our team down – to give it more equal competition. BAYS goal is have every team win half of their game – which would mean that that team is in the perfect spot — very competitive for the skill set.

The program forms teams of comparably skilled players, so that each team can develop as a group and compete against teams of like ability.  MYS strives to build depth in age groups by balancing teams of grade 3 teams.  Grade 4 is the first year “A” teams will be formed.  The objective is to place youth soccer players at a level of competition that is most beneficial for their own development. MYS believes that players have the most positive experience when playing with and against players of equal ability and experience.

MYS sends email from the SportsManager system directly to the primary email on the family’s record.  MYS posts roster with players names on website a few days after the teams are posted. This method can change from year to year.  Parents and players will be notified of changes via email and website communication.

A key asset to the player placement process is MYS’ multi-member travel selection committee.  The role of this committee is not to pick the teams but to assure that the process and policies are followed when forming teams of players of like skill/talent. The committee compiles the evaluation results and are responsible for calculating a final rating.  They do not have input or make changes to the results.  The results of 3 data sources drive the player placement.

Our evaluators are current and former players and current and former coaches.  Some evaluators will be boys coaches, some will be girls coaches, no evaluator will be assessing age groups they have a child in.  One or more board members will be at each evaluation night.

The evaluation process incorporates position changing, opponent changes and rest periods. The evaluators are instructed to look for basic team skills (passing, communication, etc) as well as individual skills. Player evaluation is on small sided fields which enables the evaluators to monitor foot skills, ball control, off the ball movement and ball possession. Players are also rotated to 6v6 or 8v8 fields so skills such as shooting, defensive technique, aggressive play, player understanding of positions can be assessed.

The evaluation of a player by the past season coach is very important data to our process. The travel committee uses the coach’s input to help determine the correct player placement. This data serves as an important check and balance to the rest of the data points we gather.

Evaluations are held in a single session per age group. At check in players are RANDOMLY grouped into teams of 6-8 players. When the session is broken down the players are observed non-stop for XX hours by experienced soccer coaches or former players.  XX is dependent on the number of players being evaluated. The evaluators observe each team 2 times on the larger fields and 1 time on the small sided fields with rotations occurring every 12-15 minutes. This produces a significant amount of data points and various views of the player.

Our goal is to place each player on a team with players of similar skills and 3 sources of data points allows MYS to continuously reach that goal. MYS collects 3 sources of data which serve as check and balance to each other. Collecting 3 sources of data observed on 3 separate occasions enables MYS to assess players are assessed under fair and equal conditions.

A few years ago MYS acted upon membership feedback that one night of evaluating is not enough.  MYS found it valuable to have players evaluated in game situations so the process of game day evaluations was made policy and is now strictly followed. MYS (board members, coaches and former players) spend many hours evaluating games.
MYS request experienced coaches and former players help with the process. This is 1 source of information supplementing the evaluation information. Game evaluations are an anonymous source of information which limits bias, favoritism, and opinions within the player placement process. These evaluations also serve as a check and balance to the coach’s evaluation of the player.

MYS holds player evaluations each year to re-evaluate all travel players and see where they are compared to their peers every spring – just because a player made one team last year does not necessarily mean that is the correct team for next year. Some player movement [up and down] between teams is generally expected each year. Our soccer players are children who are growing and developing at different rates and at different times. Some players love soccer and knew from the very first soccer experience that soccer was their number 1 sport and they work on soccer skills every day either in the backyard – in skills clinics – camps – or by playing on a CLUB team, others really like soccer – but it is their 2nd/3rd favorite sport/activity and one/two day/s of practice a week is just right for them, some are in-between with soccer becoming their #1 sport or going the other direction and focusing allot more energy and time on a new favorite sport, while still wanting to play soccer and have some FUN.

BAYS league dictates the U14 age group as a combination of U13 and U14 players.  Aligned with BAYS, MYS player evaluations combine 7th and 8th grade.  U14 teams based on the objective of placing similarly skilled players within an age group (U14 is one age group) and not limiting players on travel teams (no cuts).

MYS will compete in the U14 age group in BAYS, which is the league we participate in. This means that 7th and 8th graders will be playing against 7th and 8th graders from other towns. Approximately 2/3 of the towns that participated in BAYS have in the past merged age grouped teams at this level. Many youth sport leagues have combined age groups around the country, state, town, including the MYS in-town program. BAYS does offer four divisions of play at the U14 level to accommodate teams and players of all skill levels. The number of MYS teams, their roster size and eventual placement within the BAYS U14 division is dependent upon the number of players that have registered and participated in this years’ tryouts. MYS roster sizes are driven by MYS policy. Having all players of the U13/14 age group tryout on the same day for the same raters has allowed MYS to form teams fully based on soccer abilities and not on age first and then the players’ abilities. This will allow for the level and skill of a team to be more consistent with less significant variation in players’ skill level which may occur on some teams if age is the first deciding factor. Tryouts, coach’s evaluations and game evaluations have been considered, per policy, in the formation of all teams. Teams that are comprised fully of eighth graders or seventh graders may occur based on the process. Again, our philosophy is to form teams of comparably skilled players so that each team and player can develop and compete against teams and individuals of like ability.

Grade 3 Division: MYS teams participating in the grade 3 Division will consist of XX balanced teams at the “A/B” level, balanced teams at the “B/C” level, and so forth, dependent on the number and skill level of participating players.  Boys and Girls will be organized the same.  XX is dependent on age groups skill level and registration numbers. Level A/B teams are White Hornets, Green Hornets    Level B/C teams are Swarm, Buzz   Level C teams are Stinger, Black Hornets

Grade 4,5,6,7/8  Divisions:  MYS teams participating in the grade 4  thru 8 Divisions will consist of teams at the “A” level, teams at the “B” level, and so forth, dependent on the number of participating players.  Boys and Girls will be organized the same.  Hornets 1 = A,  Hornets 2 = B,  Hornets 3 = C so on….     B and G refer to the gender of the team (Boys or Girls)

Example of Team Name:  Grade 6 B Mansfield Hornets 1  translates to grade 6 age group;  Boys;  Team Name;  Level  1 or A team

Yes all players who register for travel soccer make a team.  Grade 3 teams are balanced. Grade 4,5,6,7/8 are leveled  A,B,C…  It is IMPORTANT to note that MYS may have to combine some players in age groups in order to allow every child who wants to play travel soccer for MYS the ability to be placed on an appropriate team.

The process of player evaluation is challenging for the players, the parents and the organization. MYS strives to keep these challenges in perspective and set good positive examples to our players when dealing with them. We ask for your help by keeping your feedback to your players and to our volunteers positive as well.

Playing travel for MYS in BAYS league is a 2 season commitment for the player and parents. MYS forms teams based upon players participating in both the Fall and Spring season.   Players are expected to participate in the majority of practices and games each season.  You should generally expect two practices a week which your player needs to commit to, games on Saturdays somewhere in the Metro West area, periodic tournaments over 3 day weekends.  Sometimes participate in indoor soccer and summer training starts 2 weeks before the first game of the Fall season.  The team Coach is responsible for the monitoring of this policy and working with the Travel  Director to address non-compliance to this policy.  MYS follows player playing priority guidelines as established by Mass Youth Soccer.

MYS keeps all player rating information confidential and will not share individual player ratings with any persons outside the Travel Coordinators and President of MYS.  This policy is strictly enforced.

**Note – an updated version of the Policy Manual will be coming shortly**

MYS policy manual is available on the website for all to access and we encourage you to use this manual as your first source of information.  It is best to be informed of the MYS process from the documented, factual source.


Over the years MYS has worked to improve the policies behind the process as well as the inputs to the process. We continue to evaluate the process and member feedback every year and make changes as appropriate.  MYS policy and procedures are update on a yearly basis.

MYS travel committee holds post-evaluation sessions to discuss the process and any feedback received during the yearly process. MYS feels it is important to continuously adjust the process to improve it.  Please provide your feedback using this secured form.

·         Evaluations are kept confidential

·         Tryout and game evaluations are performed by random numbers  ( evaluators do not see any names)

·         Qualified raters are used who are not  familiar with the players

·         Coach evaluations of players are considered valuable inputs but do not weigh more than an impartial evaluations

·         Evaluations are used as check and balances to each other

The BAYS league provides medals for age groups U9 and U10 and tee shirts for teams which play in first place in their section. The BAYS fall session does not count towards divisional standings. BAYS spring season does offer playoffs to MTOC (Mass Tournament of Champions) for any Division 1 or Division 2 team (U11 and above) which places first in their division.  BAYS teams playoff to award a winner withing the BAYS league, those winners advance to the MTOC weekend.

All games are played on Saturdays, usually starting the first Saturday in September (and the first Saturday in April for the spring session) for 10 weeks at the Plymouth Street fields. There are 5 home games and 5 away games, as scheduled by BAYS. Each player should receive a BAYS schedule link form coaches at the beginning of the season.

BAYS games for Mansfield Teams

U-9 and U-10:

Games are 60 minutes long with a one-hour practice during a weekday afternoon/evening. There are approximately 10-12 players on a team and they play on a smaller field 6V6 (6 players on a side including a goalie).

U- 11 and U-12:

Games are 60 minutes long with a one-hour practice during a weekday afternoon/evening. There are approximately 12-14 players on a team and they play on a midsized field 8V8 (8 players on a side including a goalie).


U-13 and U-14:

Games are 70 minutes long with two one-hour practices during weekday afternoon/evening. There are approximately 16-18 players on a team and they play on a regulation size field 11V11 (11 players on a side including a goalie).

The MYS travel program starts with the U-9’s, 3rd graders, and ends with the U14 or 8th grade.  In the spring there is a high school league offered as well.

MYS arranges players by age and not grade.  We must follow the BAYS league birth date cutoff rule which is different than the Mansfield schools. When it comes to a player with an August birth date, we allow that child to play with their grade.  We contact them and give them the choice.

Most players should fall into the following ranges.  U-9 means “under 9 years old” – the player is not yet 9 years old at the start of the session.
Need help determining your soccer player’s age group? Our season runs from August 1 – July 31 of each year. Whatever age your child turns during that period of time would be the soccer age. So, if your child turns 12 during that time then your child would be considered U12.

Need more help? Just try to register! The Registration Wizard will automatically put your child into the correct age group. If you would like them in an alternate age group, just send an email to

Age groups may be mixed (ex. a U-9 player can move up and play on an U-10 team), but players can not move down.  This is all dependent upon how many players register in each age group.

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