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MYS Columbus Cup Tournament Volunteers

The Columbus Cup Tournament is one of our largest fundraisers, and the largest event we hold as an organization.  The tournament is not possible without the help of all it’s volunteers. We need lots of volunteers to make this event safe, successful and most of all FUN!  We need Field Prep, Golf Cart Drivers, Sportsmanship Field Marshalls (aka Yellow Jackets), Concession Stand Workers, Raffle Ticket Cashiers, etc. to name a few. Volunteer Friday, Saturday, Sunday and/or Monday!

MYS asks that each Mansfield team playing in the tournament provide at least 4 parent volunteers to help with the event.  High school students can give back to their community and complete their service hours by volunteering at the tournament as well.

Most volunteer opportunities are 1.5-2 hours in length (but individuals can sign up for more than 1 session)

  • We will have approximately 1,100+ athletes and 2,000-3,000 people in the complex throughout the weekend. Boys games are on Saturday and Girls are on Sunday. Playoffs on Monday for Girls and Boys Grades 5-8.
  • In order to make this smooth and safe it is best to have about 200-250 volunteers (including parents and high school students)
  • We expect to have about 20-25 Mansfield Teams participating (between 3rd – 8th grade) which is roughly 250-300 Mansfield Players. We ask that each team have at least 4 parent volunteers to help.
  • We invite in-town players to come watch some good soccer and participate in some of the fun activities at the complex. We welcome in-town parents and families to also volunteer.
  • For those high school students who have been a part of MYS in the past or who are looking for volunteer hours for community service, this is a great opportunity.
  • Most volunteer opportunities require no prep time, just the time that you show up for your assignment.
  • Examples of assignments are as follows:
    • Gate Entrance: Ensure only cars with parking passes are allowed beyond the gate entrance.
    • Parking: Assist attendees with finding open parking spots in a timely and orderly fashion. Help determine the number of available spots inside the complex and help direct cars to open spots/lots.
    • Golf Cart Drivers: Pick up passengers from the main entrance road and bring them near their field or tent location. Stay on the road (i.e. don’t drive on the grass). Pick up passengers from the fields and bring them back to the road.
    • Sportsmanship/Zero Tolerance: Assist with maintaining Zero Tolerance for a field or a pair of fields. Stand near the parents’ sidelines or end lines and ensure parents and coaches are following the ZT rules. Speak with parents or coaches and remind them of the ZT rules. If an issue persists, find a Tournament Committee Member to enforce the ZT rules.
    • Main Entrance: Stand at the green gate to ensure only cars with passes along with vendors are allowed through. Welcome attendees to the event and help point them to their field.
    • Raffle Table: Assistant in collecting and promoting silent auction, raffle baskets and 50/50 raffle during the tournament.
    • Turf Entrance: Ensure that no food/beverages are being brought onto the turf
    • MYS Activities Table: Help staff fun soccer themed activities (face painting, tattoos,
      coloring, etc.)

If you have any questions about Volunteering, please contact

Please know you are an important link to one of MYS’ largest fund-raisers. The funds raised go directly back into the program. The success of our tournament is attributed to all the volunteers who are so generous with their time and offers of help.  

THANK YOU for your time!


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