Mansfield Youth Soccer continues with online registration process. To help facilitate the process please read this entire page before beginning the process.

MYS realizes that some parents do not have access to a computer, while others have a need for financial assistance. If you would like to request financial assistance, please mail in a registration form along with the quick financial assistance form; these registrations in particular need to be in as early as possible. MYS is sensitive to these issues and have allowed for these exceptions. Due to these changes, forms will not be automatically mailed to parents. If you are unable to use online registration or download the registration form from our website, please request one through the hotline.

Questions about registration can be emailed to the MYS Registrar.

Fees and Dates

Why is the deadline for soccer season so early ?
MYS has an obligation to submit teams to travel leagues by mid-July(Fall) and mid-January(spring) and MYS must place orders for equipment and uniforms by mid-July and mid-January to ensure delivery for end of August/March. If MYS does not have the registration numbers during those early months then MYS is at financial risk of being charge “late fees” by our vendors and BAYS league. MYS is challenged within the travel league to have teams submitted and finalized in the BAYS league by mid-July and mid-January. Our travel director needs a few weeks after the close of registration to chase down those who do not register but do expect to play. He does work on the teams between mid-June/mid-Dec to early August/January. MYS volunteers spend hours and hours following up with families who played in the fall but do not register on time. We invest that time because MYS does not want children to suffer the consequence of not playing spring soccer because of missed deadlines. Our records show 20% of the travel players do not sign up by the deadline which puts MYS at a financial risk with BAYS. If we do not register enough teams or too many or register in the wrong division, MYS has to pay fines in order to make adjustments after the BAYS deadline. Registration numbers have a huge impact on team placements: if enough from one team decline to sign up and that team falls below minimum numbers per policy, we would need to adjust teams. This in essence can change the strength of the teams, which can alter where we would want them placed level-wise in BAYS.
But Intown teams are not even announced until just before the season starts …
MYS strives year after year to post rosters weeks before the season BUT we have been unsuccessful in meeting that goal because many families do not register until last minute. Our records show that 15% of the intown registration numbers flow in the 2 weeks before the season begins (and some come in even the first week of the season). Since the numbers change constantly during those last weeks we cannot post rosters, too many changes need to be made because of the last minute influx of registrations. If we post rosters we then have to back track and tell children and parents their team has changed which is very confusing and disappointing for everyone. The late fee does help persuade parents to sign up sooner rather than later and the newspaper and mass email reminders seem to help as well but we still have many outstanding registrations come the weeks before the season opener. Part of MYS’ mission is to place every child who wants to play soccer on a team no matter how late the request comes in. Hopefully this explains that below the surface there are challenges and strong reasons for the deadlines.

~MYS is committed to offering the opportunity to play soccer to any child in the town of Mansfield. Please keep in mind that timely registration of all players allows MYS to operate most effectively. Please note there is no flexibility in the registration deadlines for ROAD TEAM players due to the evaluation and placement of players and teams required to be on a strict schedule with BAYS. MYS will make every effort to place In Town players directly on a team even if they register after the deadlines. If a player can not be placed due to full rosters then the player’s registration fee will be returned by MYS.

Fees are :
$105 for U5 – U14 Intown players
$115 for all travel players ($35 Late fee Deadline May 31st)
$145 Travel Wait List
$285 Family maximum
$25 Late fee per PLAYER (beginning August 5th)

If you are in need of a financial assistance, please submit form below before the deadline. Late Financial Assistance Registrations are difficult to process in time for the season to start.

Instructions for Online Registration

MYS thanks you in advance for using online registration. Follow the link below to our secure, online registration site. Once there you should follow the process below to register and pay for Fall 2018 soccer for your children.

Season Information: Display of registration fees and guide for age bracket leagues. Pay special attention to DOB of leagues since player will automatically default to league based on DOB.

Family Look up: Families previously registered with MYS will display from the last name search. Select correct family based on street and # of children playing soccer. If family is not previously registered with MYS or not found in search then create a new account.

Player Selection/Registration: Select or add player to register. League for player will be defaulted based on cut off date and DOB.

DOB Default Update-Age groups are based on both Grade based and DOB based for Town Soccer opposed to by Birth Year for Club Soccer.  This allows your children to play with their classmates.  The changes are visualized in the chart below.

Fall 2019 Chart:

Age Group Placement Grade as of

Sept 2019

And Born on

or after

PK (former U5) PK 1/1/2014
Grade K (former U6) K 1/1/2013
Grade 1 (former U7) 1st 1/1/2012
Grade 2 (former U8) 2nd 1/1/2011
Grade 3 (former U9) 3rd 1/1/2010
Grade 4 (former U10) 4th 1/1/2009
Grade 5 (former U11) 5th 1/1/2008
Grade 6 (former U12) 6th 1/1/2007
Grade 7/8 (former U13/14) 7th/8th 1/1/2005

Important: System limitations have resulted in potential glitches (primarily with older children in each age group) which may require MYS manual assistance.  So please leverage the above chart when completing your online registration.

BAYS Explanation on Age Group changes.

If online registration options are not in agreement with the above chart, please email me at to complete your registration. Any complaints about a player who is too old or too young for their league will be taken seriously and may result in that player being shifted to their appropriate age cutoff date.
Select intown or travel or if requesting player to play with grade for intown teams only. Uniforms will be ordered at this step, please be prepared to size uniforms at this step.

Volunteer questions: Fill out volunteer questions and comments. You will be contacted to process your CORI.

Checkout: Check summary of charges then move on to complete the credit card transaction. No child will be denied the opportunity to play soccer for financial reasons.

Player questions: Fill out email address and players questions for as many children you have registered.

DONE: Process is complete. Close browser window. Email receipt will be sent to you as confirmation of your registration.

Proceed to Online Registration for Spring 2021

Refunds and Questions

Parents wishing to withdraw their child after submitting a registration should refer to the  Refund Request Form.

Questions about registration can be emailed to the MYS Registrar.

Registration Forms

Online Financial Assistance Form


Frequently Asked Questions

The BAYS league not only consist of youth (3rd grade thru 8th grade) teams but it also offers high school age leagues for spring soccer only.  The HS age groups are U15/U16 (Freshman/Sophomore) and U17/U18 (Junior/Senior) and U19 (1st year college) both boys and girls. Mansfield Youth Soccer enters teams into the BAYS league and historically those teams have earned MTOC*  playoff spots and have gone on to become MTOC Championships. This league is a great opportunity for HS players  to keep their soccer skills sharp in the off season as well as play for Championship status.

Spring 2015 season starts on April 26th. The HS games are played on Sundays afternoons and practices are determined by team/coach. Many of the teams have limited practices making the commitment the team closer to once a week.  The commitment rarely conflicts with HS spring sports.  Coaches are volunteer members of Mansfield community.  Players playing on soccer club teams are not eligible to dual roster on these teams. All other players are welcome.  The HS season starts the end of April and ends mid-June (7 regular games with no game on Memorial Day Weekend/potential multiple playoff games).   U16 Girls play at 1pm and U18 girls at 4:30pm.  U16 boys play at 2:45pm and U18 boys at 4:30pm. (though those times do vary town to town)

The process for registration is for players to register with MYS at the link below. The registration will be ZERO FEE, it identifies player commitment to the league as well as gathers insurance wavier information. Late-March interest is gaged by the commitment of registrations.  If there are enough players committed then a team will be placed in the BAYS league.  Player payment will be due to coaches and submitted to MYS when the team is submitted to BAYS.  Player fee is approximately $115.00.

The direct line to submit questions to is

*The Massachusetts Tournament of Champions (MTOC) is a season-ending tournament sponsored by Mass Youth Soccer that brings together age/gender group champions from participating travel leagues. The leagues that participate in MTOC are: Berkshire, BAYS, Coastal, Essex, MAYS, Middlesex, Nashoba, Pioneer Valley, South Coast and South Shore

**Note – an updated version of the Policy Manual will be coming shortly**

MYS policy manual is available on the website for all to access and we encourage you to use this manual as your first source of information.  It is best to be informed of the MYS process from the documented, factual source.


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