Tournament Parking Information

Tournament Parking information and rules:

Parking will be in designated areas only. One side of the street, inside the complex and designated lots staffed by MYS attendants will be available. Handicapped parking and pass only parking will be available inside the complex for all handicapped tagged vehicles.

Do not block any of the abutters driveways or park in between barrels, in non designated areas or where caution tape is marked or you vehicles will be towed.

A marked location to stop and drop and pickup equipment and people will be available at the entrance to the complex.  There is NO PARKING in this location – this is for drop off and pick up only.  If you walk away from your car, you will be ticketed by Mansfield Police.

BACK THIS YEAR: BUS transportation from parking lots and on street parking locations. Again parking will be restricted to one side of the street therefore cars can be parked as far as a ½ of a mile from the complex. For the convenience of the teams we have hired a bus shuttle to pick up a multiple, well marked, bus stops throughout the day.  Drop off your items at the marked location by the entrance, park, walk to nearest posted bus stop and catch a ride to the complex entrance.

To ensure the parking goes as smoothly as possible please take note of these tips:
o   Please be sure not to park in blocked off spaces or your car will be subject to ticketing and towing.
o   Parking attendants will direct you to overflow parking once the complex parking lot and the outbound side of the street is full.
o   Please be prepared for a 10+/-minute walk/ride to the entrance of the playing fields and then another 5 to 10 minutes to your field so please ensure plenty of time to arrive and find your field and team.
o   Drop off campsite items (tables/tents) at entrance of complex then park and walk/ride back.
o   Do not move barrels in order to make a parking spot, your car will be towed if you do.
o  Our parking attendants are volunteer parents and high school kids – there will be ZERO Tolerance for arguing with, or ignoring their directions

Thank You for your cooperation in making this a fun and safe event.

MYS and the Mansfield Police Department




Parking permitted where RED indicates.

1) in complex up to gate

2) one side of road – outbound side

3) LOT 1 (down the end of Plymouth Street to the right)

Overflow parking will be directed by parking staff.

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