Our In-Town program is associated with Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association. We currently have over 350 players in our In-Town (recreation) program, which means coordinating about 40 teams. Each team has a head coach and an assistant coach, which any parent may volunteer to do. All adult volunteers must supply their date of birth on the player registration form, this is required for CORI checks to be done by MYSA.

The emphasis of the program is fun, sportsmanship, friendship, and the growth of knowledge and appreciation of the sport.

To enhance the experience for youths learning soccer, Mansfield Youth Soccer In-town soccer program is adopting the concept of small side games.  United States Youth Soccer Association has exhaustively studied and researched youth soccer in terms of: enjoyment, physical safety, player development- physical, psychological, cognitive, technical, and tactical. These soccer guidelines follow child cognitive development used for education. The answer is the use of age appropriate small sided games! The implementation of small sided games is being carried out in state associations across the country. This is the direction to best develop our young soccer players and to ensure a positive, fun environment for them.


The uniform consists of a reversible green/white mesh shirt, black shorts and black socks. New Players or returning players in need of a new uniform will be able to purchase replacements at the time of registration. All in-town players must supply their own soccer cleats and shin pads and they must be worn to all soccer activities. MYS highly recommends the use of mouth guards at all levels.

All uniforms ordered during registration will be distributed through the coaches at the beginning of each session. Any orders that are outside the registration process must be ordered through the equipment director and paid for at the time of receipt of the uniform. In the event that there is an error in the registration listing of uniforms ordered, any corrections may be initiated through the coaches but will be handled by the equipment director. As to the wearing of accessories, no jewelry is allowed including bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Only soft hair accessories are allowed.
Intown Uniform Sizing Chart

 DOB Default Age Update

MYS arranges players by age and grade. Divisions may be mixed and is dependent upon how many players register in each age group.

Age groups have been revised to be both Grade based and DOB based.  This allows your children to play with their classmates.  The changes are visualized in the chart below but represent an expansion of the age group from current 8/1 extended back to 1/1 of the same year so now less waivers are needed.

Sept 2019 – June 2020 Season Age Chart:  (Age Group division is based on Grade and DOB)

Grade – Sept 2019 And Born on or after
PK 1/1/2014
K 1/1/2013
1st 1/1/2012
2nd 1/1/2011
3rd 1/1/2010
4th 1/1/2009
5th 1/1/2008
6th 1/1/2007
7th/8th 1/1/2005


Important: System limitations have resulted in potential glitches (primarily with older children in each age group) which may require MYS manual assistance.  So please leverage the above chart when completing your online registration.

If online registration options are not in agreement with the above chart, please email me at to complete your registration.

BAYS Explanation on the Age Groups

Any complaints about a player who is too old or too young for their league will be taken seriously and may result in that player being shifted to their appropriate age cutoff date.
Select intown or travel or if requesting player to play with grade for intown teams only. Uniforms will be ordered at this step, please be prepared to size uniforms at this step.

The Grade 3-5 (former U9-11) and the Grade 6-8 (former U14) age groups are coed.  The Grade 6-8 coed team plays against Grade 6-8 coed teams from surrounding towns. This league is known as the Border League and consists (for 2016) of Foxboro, Norton, and Easton. All other age groups have separate boys and girls’ teams except for the Grade PK age group, which is also coed.

The Grade PK – Grade K age groups play 3v3 dual sided games without goalies and Grade 1 – Grade 2 age groups play 4 v 4 dual sided games without goalies. This approach is used to ensure that each player will get to play (or touch) the ball as frequently as possible. There are no referees for Grade PK and Grade K, and coaches are allowed to teach the game from on the field. Grade 1 also has no referees but coaches move to the side lines with an assistant coach on the far side to assist coaching.  Grade 2 age group will have “friendly” referees to help players learn the basic rules as the coaches will coach from the side lines.

Grade 3-5 coed play 7v7 that includes a goalkeeper and Grade 6-8 coed plays 7v7 or 9v9 depending on number of registrations. Referees, who are primarily older MYS players (Grade 6 and above), are used for in-town games.

In-Town Games

All games are played on Saturdays, usually starting the first Saturday in September (and the second in April for the spring session) for 10 weeks at the Plymouth Street fields.

Grade PK games are 30 minutes long with a 30-minute practice first.

Grade K games are 30 minutes long with a 30 minute practice first.

Grade 1 games are 40 minutes long with a 30 minute practice first.

Grade 2 Games are 40 minutes long with a 30 minute practice first.

Grade PK – Grade 2 age groups play on a small field to help build skills. These are non-competitive games; therefore scores are not kept.

Grade 2 age group will have once a weeknight practice at the coach’s discretion.

For the Grade 3 age group and older, teams practice once on a weeknight and play 60 minute games, 25 minute halves.

In-Town Participation Awards

During the spring Jamboree every team is recognized and each in-town player receives a participation award/trophy. A Fall only player may attend the Spring picnic and receive an award too, please notify your coach.


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