What is the MYS Mission Statement? And what is MYS doing to achieve their mission?

The mission of MYS is to provide the youth of the Mansfield community an equal opportunity to play soccer, learn skills and be part of a team in an enjoyable, fair and safe environment.

How / What are we doing to achieve it?

MYS strives to place on teams all players who want to play soccer; in other words MYS has a “no cut” policy. It provides opportunities for all kids, including those with disabilities, to develop basic and advanced soccer skills, learn the value of team work, have fun, and build personal confidences.  MYS makes every effort to create an atmosphere where the children’s enthusiasm and excitement for soccer serve as a catalyst for its future growth. MYS also strives to develop a competent and experienced coaching staff through numerous coaching licensing classes/clinics, and to provide referee training & certification.


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