Coach Information – Tournament

General Information

Grade 3 & 4 – All teams Grade 3 & 4 are classified as non-competitive and all participants will be awarded a participation medal. No scores or standings will be posted for this age group per Mass Youth Soccer tournament hosting rules.  Please be respectful of your opponents and do not run up scores. Scores in TeamSnap will only display a 5 point lead.  Please indicate during registration the team age along with the tournament age. Please remember after your last game of the day, to stop by and pick up your team medals.

Grade 5, 6, 7, 8 – All Gr 5, 6, 7, & 8 teams are classified as competitive, and championship t-shirts will be awarded to the champions and finalists in each division.

The boys games will be played on Saturday and the girls games will be played on Sunday. All playoff games for Gr 5, 6, 7, 8 boys and girls will be played on Monday.

Safety – Each field or each set of fields (if 2 fields have coaches/teams back-to-back) will have Field Marshals with a walkie talkie to contact EMTs for serious injuries.

Information to Pass onto Parents

1.   Mansfield Youth Soccer strictly adheres to a Zero Tolerance policy. Teams or parents violating this policy may result in their team forfeiting a game or games and removal from the soccer complex.

2.  BACK THIS YEAR: BUS transportation from parking lots and on street parking locations. Parking will be restricted to one side of the street therefore cars can be parked as far as a ½ of a mile from the complex. For the convenience of the teams we have hired a bus to pick up at well marked bus stops throughout the day.  Drop off your items at the drop off area by the entrance, park and walk to nearest posted bus stop and catch a ride to the complex entrance.

To ensure the parking goes as smoothly as possible please take note of these tips:
o   Please be sure not to park in blocked off spaces or your car will be subject to towing.
o   Parking attendants will direct you to overflow parking once the complex parking lot and the outbound side of the street is full.
o   Please be prepared for a 10+/-minute walk/ride to the playing fields.
o   Drop off campsite items (tables/tents) at entrance of complex then park and walk/ride back.
o   Do not move barrels in order to make a parking spot, your car will be towed if you do.

3.   Dogs are NOT ALLOWED at the Plymouth Street Soccer Complex. Anyone who brings a dog will not be permitted into the complex.

4.   Gas, propane or other cooking grills or any open fires are not permitted at the Plymouth Street Complex – BY ORDER OF THE TOWN OF MANSFIELD.

Game Day Information – Saturday and Sunday

Games on Saturday and Sunday will begin promptly at 8:00am. For questions, please visit the Concession Stand.

Game Schedules

Games on Saturday and Sunday will begin play at the top of every hour from 8:00am until final games at 5:00pm. Be prepared to play a minimum of three games on Saturday or Sunday. Some teams may have a 4th game due to odd number of teams in a bracket.  Final games on Monday are likely to start at 9am and end no later than 5:00PM. PRELIMINARY game schedules will be posted on TeamSnap Wednesday prior to tournament weekend. Preliminary schedules most likely are tweaked (same # of teams impacted) between Wed and Friday. It is critical to check TeamSnap often during these days.

In any event, please be sure to check the TeamSnap website Friday evening to get the FINAL schedules, as changes are USUALLY necessary between Wednesday and Friday. The Friday schedule will be final, not the Wednesday schedule.

Field Maps

Quick tip for field locations:  Fields 1 thru 12 will be on the front section of the complex. Fields 21-23 will be in the center field section (side of concession stand).  Fields 31-33 will be the far back fields. Tent icons indicate campsite locations.

Parking and Directions

All games will be played at our Plymouth Street Complex, located at 50 Plymouth Street, Mansfield, MA 02048. Like many tournaments and for safety reasons, there is limited parking at the Plymouth Street fields. Parking will be in designated areas only. One side of the street, inside the complex and designated lots staffed by MYS attendants will be available. Handicapped parking will be available inside the complex for all handicapped tagged vehicles.

Please do not block any of the abutters driveways or park in between barrels, in non designated areas or where caution tape is marked or you vehicles will be towed.

A location to drop and pickup equipment and people in both directions will be available at the entrance to the complex.

*BUS – BACK by popular demand*

A SCHOOL BUS will make frequent stops from the far away business parking lots to the main entrance.

The maximum walk to the complex from the furthest parking zone should be 10 minutes, and then another 5 to 10 minutes to your field so please ensure plenty of time to arrive and find your field and team.

Please dispose of trash prior to leaving the complex in marked barrels or dumpsters.

Field maps and directions are posted on our website. GPS address of the field is 50 Plymouth Street, Mansfield.

PLEASE NOTE: Parking is NOT allowed in blocked off areas. Police will take notice and your car will be towed at your own expense.

Campsite Setup

As always, we encourage teams to setup “campsites” for the day, which allow the parents and kids to enjoy the full tournament experience. Please be courteous and adhere to the areas we have designated for camp setup. Look for the tent icon the field map for the best location to set up in. Please do not walk on any areas that have signs posted to keep off.

The gate to our Plymouth Street Complex will not open until 7:00am.  Please note you will not be allowed into the complex until 7:00am.

Activities & Amenities

Food Trucks & Concession Stand! A variety of Food Trucks will be available for Coffee, Breakfast, Lunch and Desserts.  Concession stand will provide drinks, snacks and icecream.

Raffles, Silent Auctions and other events! More details on activities can be found on the tournament webpage.

New this Year: A brand new playground!

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