Fall 2021 Travel Rosters

Travel rosters for Fall 2021 can be found below.  To sort on a particular column, click the arrows in the column header.  To search the entire table, use the Search box at the top right.  Or, to filter on a particular column, type the desired filter into the corresponding box at the bottom of the table.  You can also change the number of rows displayed at a time by updating the “Show x entries” drop-down.


BOYS5thAarin MethaTEAM II
BOYS6thAaron CucinottaTEAM II
GIRLS6thAbby BowmasterTEAM III
BOYS3rdBryce ClintonGreen Hornets
GIRLS5thAbigail SchusslerTEAM I
GIRLS7th & 8th Abigail ZnojTeam II
GIRLS4thAbigail RosemarkTEAM III
GIRLS3rdAdalee MiaoHornets
BOYS7th-8thAdam CooneyTEAM III
BOYS6thAdam GardnerTEAM I
BOYS4thAdam DrissTeam II
GIRLS7th & 8th Addison FrenetteTeam I
GIRLS6thAddison BednarekTEAM II
BOYS7th-8thAdhiraj Bhosale PatilTEAM III
BOYS6thAidan NorigeTEAM I
BOYS5thAidan SherlockTEAM III
GIRLS3rdAina EscuderosBuzz
BOYS7th-8thAjay AthreyaTEAM II
GIRLS7th & 8th Alanna LipskyTeam III
GIRLS7th & 8th Alexandra FernandesTeam I
GIRLS7th & 8th Alexandra LemanTeam II
GIRLS7th & 8th Alexandra Todorova PetrovaTeam II
GIRLS6thAlexis AquinoTEAM I
GIRLS6thAlexis Hebard TEAM III
GIRLS7th & 8th Allison KoppyTeam I
GIRLS5thAmelia BurgessTEAM I
GIRLS7th & 8th Amy ZajacTeam II
GIRLS7th & 8th Anabel SilvaTeam IV
BOYS7th-8thAndrew DeckettTEAM III
GIRLS5thAngelina DiIesoTEAM I
BOYS7th-8thAngelo MeglioTEAM III
GIRLS6thAnnabel ReynoldsTEAM III
GIRLS6thAnnabelle JohnsonTEAM III
GIRLS7th & 8th Annalise BilodeauTeam IV
GIRLS4thAnnie McQuireTEAM II
BOYS5thAnthony DaaboulTEAM III
GIRLS5thAoife CartyTEAM I
GIRLS4thArieel WigganTEAM III
BOYS7th-8thArpith ThipparthiTEAM II
GIRLS7th & 8th Ashleigh CromackTeam III
BOYS6thAtharva AtluriTEAM III
GIRLS7th & 8th Audrey PuleoTeam II
GIRLS3rdAurora AquinoGreen Hornets
GIRLS7th & 8th Ava NorigeTeam II
GIRLS7th & 8th Ava AquinoTeam II
GIRLS5thAva Louise PatrinosTEAM I
GIRLS7th & 8th Ava MadeiraTeam IV
GIRLS7th & 8th Avery LakeTeam IV
GIRLS3rdAvery ShanahanGreen Hornets
GIRLS6thAyla DoloresTEAM I
GIRLS6thBelen Martin NeillTEAM II
GIRLS4thBella CucinattaTEAM II
GIRLS4thBella JohnsonTEAM II
BOYS6thBenjamin CurryTEAM III
BOYS7th-8thBenjamin DiGiovanniTEAM III
BOYS6thBenjamin FlemingTEAM II
GIRLS7th & 8th Bianca BilodeauTeam IV
BOYS7th-8thBilal ZakiTEAM II
BOYS4thBlake FetkyTeam III
BOYS3rdCaleb EmordGreen Hornets
BOYS5thBrayden McIntyreTEAM III
BOYS7th-8thBrennan RocheTEAM I
BOYS7th-8thBrian JonesTEAM II
GIRLS3rdBriella CampbellHornets
GIRLS7th & 8th Brielle BilodeauTeam III
BOYS6thBrock SullivanTEAM III
BOYS4thBrody McPhersonTeam I
BOYS7th-8thBryan RogersTEAM III
BOYS3rdConnor DunnGreen Hornets
GIRLS3rdBryce LoganBuzz
BOYS5thCaden KiernanTEAM III
GIRLS4thCairenn GeaganTEAM III
GIRLS6thCaitlin SlaneyTEAM III
BOYS3rdDylan CiccarelliGreen Hornets
BOYS6thCallum HolmesTEAM I
GIRLS7th & 8th Cally AmaraTeam III
BOYS4thCalvin MithcelTeam II
BOYS4thCamden HolmesTeam I
BOYS4thCarson KirschTeam II
BOYS5thCarter PierceTEAM II
BOYS6thCayden CampbellTEAM III
GIRLS6thCecilia KilloryTEAM II
BOYS4thCharlie BurchTeam II
GIRLS4thCharlotte McintryeTEAM I
BOYS5thChase LipskyTEAM II
BOYS7th-8thChristopher PalmerTEAM III
BOYS7th-8thChristopher RodrigueTEAM I
BOYS4thChristopher AndruzziTeam II
BOYS4thChristopher DublanicaTeam III
GIRLS7th & 8th Claire Martin NeillTeam IV
BOYS7th-8thCody SilverTEAM I
BOYS7th-8thCole BonnymanTEAM II
BOYS3rdEmmitt GreyGreen Hornets
BOYS6thColin DonovanTEAM III
BOYS7th-8thColin OConnorTEAM III
BOYS4thColin keyesTeam III
GIRLS5thColleen CroakTEAM I
BOYS6thConnor CummingsTEAM III
BOYS3rdJackson LopesGreen Hornets
BOYS6thConnor FernandesTEAM I
BOYS6thConnor McNeillTEAM II
BOYS7th-8thCooper PhillipsTEAM III
BOYS3rdJoseph McnamaraGreen Hornets
GIRLS3rdDanica MedeirosGreen Hornets
BOYS7th-8thDaniel FlemingTEAM I
BOYS7th-8thDeclan GallivanTEAM I
BOYS4thDeclan McMorrowTeam I
GIRLS5thDelaney FletcherTEAM II
GIRLS4thDelaney ConnellTEAM I
BOYS5thDerek DoloresTEAM II
BOYS7th-8thDev GodaraTEAM III
GIRLS6thDiana ForghanTEAM III
BOYS7th-8thDorven PierreTEAM III
BOYS4thDrew BertolamiTeam III
BOYS3rdKiaan MehtaGreen Hornets
BOYS3rdMaxwell ParsonsGreen Hornets
BOYS3rdAbdullah HosnyHornets
BOYS5thDylan CorreiaTEAM II
BOYS4thDylan PozzoTeam III
GIRLS6thEleanor WalshTEAM II
GIRLS7th & 8th Elise McCormickTeam III
GIRLS6thElizabeth CosgroveTEAM II
GIRLS7th & 8th Elizabeth FlAHERTYTeam III
GIRLS7th & 8th Elle McgrathTeam II
GIRLS3rdEmily KobasaHornets
GIRLS3rdEmily LaCivitaGreen Hornets
GIRLS7th & 8th Emily TaberTeam III
GIRLS7th & 8th Emma McphersonTeam I
GIRLS5thEmma BuckleyTEAM I
GIRLS7th & 8th Emma JoynesTeam III
GIRLS3rdEmma MannarinoBuzz
GIRLS3rdEmma Martin NeillHornets
GIRLS7th & 8th Emmeline McInnisTeam IV
BOYS3rdDylan MurphyHornets
BOYS3rdGeorge PretoHornets
BOYS6thEthan MiaoTEAM II
BOYS7th-8thEvan HefezTEAM I
GIRLS3rdFathima IrfanBuzz
GIRLS4thFinley PeabodyTEAM I
GIRLS4thGabreilla BruckerTEAM II
GIRLS5thGabriella CharltonTEAM II
GIRLS6thGabrielle RogersTEAM I
BOYS4thGarrett KobsTeam III
BOYS7th-8thGautam Ramiah MaheswaranTEAM III
BOYS7th-8thGavin GarnettTEAM III
BOYS3rdJeremiah MilfortHornets
GIRLS5thGia BilloneTEAM II
GIRLS3rdGiuliana PalmerHornets
GIRLS4thGrace LavigneTEAM III
BOYS4thGreyson CooperTeam I
GIRLS3rdGwen ConleyGreen Hornets
GIRLS7th & 8th Hailey KnappTeam III
GIRLS7th & 8th Hailey NieratkoTeam II
GIRLS6thHaley ReardonTEAM II
GIRLS4thHanna KiernanTEAM II
GIRLS4thHannah GentiliTEAM I
GIRLS4thHarlow SmithTEAM III
BOYS5thHarrison FletcherTEAM III
BOYS7th-8thHarry PatrinosTEAM II
BOYS7th-8thHenry FitzPatrickTEAM I
BOYS7th-8thHomam SengabaTEAM II
BOYS4thIan MooreTeam I
GIRLS3rdIsabella DiPetrilloGreen Hornets
GIRLS7th & 8th Isabella AnthonyTeam II
BOYS7th-8thJack BaileyTEAM III
BOYS7th-8thJack BenvissutoTEAM III
BOYS5thJack ConleyTEAM III
BOYS5thJack JohnsonTEAM I
BOYS5thJack PfeifferTEAM II
BOYS6thJackson HowardTEAM I
BOYS3rdLiam LevesqueHornets
BOYS4thJackson Hubler Team II
BOYS7th-8thJacob DanceyTEAM I
BOYS5thJacob FederlineTEAM II
BOYS5thJacob SextonTEAM I
GIRLS4thJanelle WardTEAM I
BOYS5thJay BartlettTEAM III
BOYS3rdLiam MikisaHornets
BOYS6thJoey OkeefeTEAM II
BOYS7th-8thJordan McIntyreTEAM III
BOYS7th-8thJoseph FederlineTEAM II
BOYS3rdNeiman Anthony IshacHornets
GIRLS7th & 8th Jouri ShehadehTeam III
GIRLS7th & 8th Julia ArmasTeam IV
BOYS5thJulian FrancoTEAM I
BOYS6thJulius SkyesTEAM II
GIRLS4thJune JohnsonTEAM II
GIRLS3rdKaila BlakeyBuzz
GIRLS7th & 8th Kalissa FredricksTeam II
GIRLS3rdKate CsernyHornets
GIRLS3rdKate HigginsHornets
GIRLS7th & 8th Katelyn TroiloTeam I
GIRLS4thKatelynn HerrickTEAM I
GIRLS7th & 8th Katherine (Katie) KeefeTeam III
GIRLS7th & 8th Katherine G McGloneTeam IV
BOYS5thKayhan ForghanTEAM III
GIRLS5thKaylee MirabileTEAM II
BOYS5thKeagan QuersherTEAM II
GIRLS7th & 8th Kelsey OConnorTeam I
GIRLS6thKennedy ReardonTEAM III
BOYS3rdPatrick DonovanHornets
BOYS6thKyle MedeirosTEAM I
GIRLS5thKylie GallivanTEAM II
BOYS6thLandon OConnorTEAM II
GIRLS7th & 8th Lauren SignorielloTeam I
GIRLS5thLayley OReillyTEAM II
GIRLS3rdLeah MiceliGreen Hornets
GIRLS5thLeanna LevesqueTEAM II
BOYS4thLeo MullinTeam I
BOYS4thLevi HenriqueTeam III
GIRLS7th & 8th Levina Leggett Team IV
GIRLS7th & 8th Lexi FletcherTeam II
BOYS5thLiam FlinnTEAM II
BOYS3rdRyan DrissHornets
BOYS3rdBraeden ONeillSwarm
BOYS3rdCole PettySwarm
BOYS4thLiam JablonskiTeam II
GIRLS4thLillian CressyTEAM II
GIRLS3rdLily NorcrossGreen Hornets
GIRLS7th & 8th Lily RocheTeam IV
BOYS5thLincoln DuryTEAM I
GIRLS5thLindsay DeSistaTEAM II
BOYS3rdCristiano RussellSwarm
BOYS4thLuke BaileyTeam III
BOYS7th-8thLunis SaidjTEAM I
GIRLS6thLyla JordanTEAM I
GIRLS3rdMacy AlmeidaBuzz
GIRLS7th & 8th Madeline BoyleTeam I
GIRLS7th & 8th Madeline FernandesTeam I
GIRLS7th & 8th Madeline WisdomTeam III
GIRLS7th & 8th Madelyn BuckleyTeam I
GIRLS4thMadelyn JoynesTEAM III
GIRLS3rdMadison EaganHornets
GIRLS6thMadison ONeillTEAM I
GIRLS5thMaeve FittsTEAM I
GIRLS3rdMaggie OkeefeHornets
GIRLS6thMaggie VallettTEAM II
BOYS6thMalik NaidjateTEAM III
GIRLS6thMalori WaldronTEAM I
BOYS5thMario Harrison TEAM I
GIRLS4thMarissa CookTEAM III
BOYS3rdDylan DeFreitasSwarm
GIRLS3rdMary TomaseBuzz
GIRLS4thMary RocheTEAM I
BOYS6thMason CarrTEAM I
BOYS4thMason atallahTeam II
BOYS6thMatthew KobasaTEAM II
BOYS5thMatthew PfeifferTEAM I
BOYS3rdEthan LovettSwarm
GIRLS4thMaya smithTEAM I
GIRLS7th & 8th Meeghan WalshTeam IV
GIRLS6thMeghan DonovanTEAM III
GIRLS7th & 8th Mia NieratkoTeam II
BOYS4thMicah MiaoTeam I
GIRLS5thMicayla MorrisTEAM II
BOYS7th-8thMichael NosovitskiTEAM I
BOYS7th-8thMichael RocheTEAM I
GIRLS4thMichaela LeggertTEAM II
BOYS7th-8thMicheal ChartierTEAM III
GIRLS6thMichella WarrenTEAM III
BOYS6thMiles BeckwithTEAM III
BOYS4thMiles LaneTeam II
GIRLS7th & 8th Minnie CollinsTeam II
GIRLS7th & 8th Moira CosgroveTeam II
GIRLS5thMolly MorrisTEAM II
GIRLS4thMolly KurtzmanTEAM II
BOYS4thNate MikisaTeam I
BOYS7th-8thNathan KobsTEAM III
BOYS4thNathaniel ArchibaldTeam III
GIRLS7th & 8th Neave DoyleTeam I
BOYS3rdLiam SalzsiederSwarm
BOYS7th-8thNicholas DiVastaTEAM I
BOYS4thNikos Sevastos Team II
BOYS6thNoah SigmanTEAM I
GIRLS4thOliva HaalandTEAM II
GIRLS7th & 8th Olivia DuBoseTeam IV
GIRLS7th & 8th Olivia DunhamTeam I
GIRLS5thOlivia RobinsonTEAM I
BOYS7th-8thOwen AdamsTEAM II
BOYS7th-8thOwen BertolamiTEAM II
BOYS7th-8thOwen DiGregorioTEAM II
GIRLS6thPaige AustinTEAM I
GIRLS3rdPaige BurgessBuzz
GIRLS7th & 8th Parker SelmonTeam II
BOYS6thParker DublanicaTEAM III
BOYS3rdLogan PowerSwarm
BOYS4thPaul GianiotisTeam III
GIRLS3rdPenny CollinsGreen Hornets
GIRLS3rdPhoebe RothBuzz
BOYS7th-8thPratyush TekumallaTEAM II
BOYS6thQuinn DickinsonTEAM III
GIRLS7th & 8th Reese HomsiTeam III
GIRLS4thReese GiordanoTEAM I
GIRLS4thRegan SlaneyTEAM I
GIRLS7th & 8th Reynolds AutumTeam IV
BOYS6thReyvansh SrivastavaTEAM III
BOYS5thRichard CoppTEAM I
GIRLS7th & 8th Riley AustinTeam I
GIRLS5thRiley LaCameraTEAM I
GIRLS6thRiley ZukowskiTEAM I
GIRLS7th & 8th Riyah BaezTeam III
BOYS5thRobert StockTEAM I
BOYS5thRocco GiordanoTEAM I
GIRLS7th & 8th Rowan DubeTeam IV
BOYS3rdMark LaneSwarm
BOYS7th-8thRyan JohnsonTEAM II
BOYS5thRyan MiceliTEAM II
GIRLS6thRylie PowersTEAM I
GIRLS4thRylin ReaganTEAM III
GIRLS7th & 8th Sadie JablonskiTeam III
GIRLS7th & 8th Saidj, NinaTeam II
BOYS5thSamuel CurleyTEAM III
GIRLS4thSara SylviaTEAM II
GIRLS6thSarah JonesTEAM I
GIRLS5thSarah LanaganTEAM I
GIRLS7th & 8th Shannon FlynnTeam IV
GIRLS7th & 8th Shreshta MachaTeam IV
BOYS5thShwaas SakhalkarTEAM I
GIRLS6thSophia ConnaughtonTEAM I
GIRLS7th & 8th Sophia FoleyTeam I
GIRLS7th & 8th Sophie MooreTeam II
GIRLS7th & 8th Sophie ShoneTeam I
BOYS7th-8thSriram MarthineniTEAM III
BOYS7th-8thSujay Reddy GaddamTEAM I
GIRLS3rdSusan EitasGreen Hornets
GIRLS7th & 8th Sydney DiVastaTeam I
GIRLS5thSydney MazurTEAM II
GIRLS5thSydney SantucciTEAM I
GIRLS7th & 8th Taylor SelmonTeam III
GIRLS7th & 8th Teagan BalzariniTeam IV
BOYS5thTheodore Ryne SchoonveldTEAM III
GIRLS7th & 8th Tiara DiazTeam III
BOYS7th-8thTJ WillisTEAM II
BOYS6thTrey WhiteTEAM II
BOYS7th-8thTroy Lasbury-CaseyTEAM I
BOYS7th-8thTyler CookTEAM I
BOYS6thTyler GentiliTEAM I
BOYS7th-8thTyler IovinoTEAM I
BOYS6thTyler McNeillTEAM II
BOYS4thTyler Harte Team I
BOYS4thTyler LaCameraTeam I
BOYS7th-8thVaibhav DaruriTEAM II
BOYS4thVardaan PithaniTeam III
BOYS7th & 8th Victor MoyaTeam III
GIRLS6thVictoria DiPetrilloTEAM II
GIRLS3rdVictoria StevensHornets
BOYS6thVihaan TripathiTEAM II
BOYS5thVihaan VobhilineniTEAM I
BOYS3rdWade DublanicaSwarm
BOYS7th-8thWilliam FennellTEAM II
BOYS5thWilliam HogencampTEAM I
BOYS3rdWilliam ThibaultSwarm
BOYS5thYacine HadjijTEAM II
BOYS7th-8thZachary QuersherTEAM II
BOYS6thZachary SalisburyTEAM I
BOYS5thZavier CadetTEAM II
GIRLS5thZoe JamersonTEAM II
GIRLS7th & 8th Zoe TowleTeam IV

Soccer Camps At Plymouth St. this Summer

6/21 – 6/23 9am – 12-pm  MYS Summer CampMansfield Youth Soccer, Massachusetts Online Registration (sportsmanager.us) $125

7/12 – 7/14 9am – 1pm Legacy SC Summer CampWelcome | Legacy Summer 2021 Soccer Camps | Legacy Soccer Club (sportngin.com) $150

7/26 – 7/28 9am – 12pm New England Revolution: 2021 Summer Camp: Mansfield (configio.com) $200

8/2 – 8/6 9am – 3pm (half day Friday) Ruben Resendes Academy : View Mansfield, Massachusetts Full Day & Half-Day Summer Academy Details (ryzer.com) Full Day $275 Half Day $195

MYS Travel Announces Fall 2021 Evaluation Dates

We know and understand that this comes sooner than prior years, however we wanted to communicate that we will be holding our evaluations earlier this year, starting in Week 6 of our normal season.  There are a few factors behind this change as we always look for opportunities to improve on our process.

  1. Having our group evaluations earlier in the season will allow us to focus our in-season game evaluations where we feel they are most needed.
  2. By spreading out our process over 4 weeks, it allows us to have greater access to volunteers to help with the process.
  3. Allows MYS to avoid major end of the school year activities and celebrations, also avoiding other sport conflicts (club tryouts and baseball playoffs), as well as family vacation schedules.

Please note that this schedule may change, but for now this is what we intend to move forward with.  Most evaluations will be on the turf, so unless there is a major storm, we will proceed as planned.
Please note that the schedule below is based on the grade that your child will be in this Fall 2021
The Schedule:
Fall 2021 Grade 3 (current Grade 2) Thursday May 20th
Boys 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM
Girls 5:45 PM to 6:45PM
Fall 2021 Grade 4 (current Grade 3) Thursday June 3rd
Girls 5:00 PM to 6:15 PM
Boys 6:30 PM to 7:45 PM
Fall 2021 Grade 5 (current Grade 4) Saturday May 15th
Boys 5:30 PM to 6:45 PM
Girls 6:45 PM to 8:00 PM
Fall 2021 Grade 6 (current Grade 5) Saturday May 22nd
Boys 5:30 PM to 6:45 PM (Updated – this is now Saturday June 5th at 5:30 PM)
Girls 6:45 PM to 8:00 PM
Fall 2021 Grade 7/8 GIRLS (current 6th & 7th grade) Saturday May 8th
Group 1 – 5:30 PM to 6:45 PM
Group 2 – 6:45 PM to 8:00 PM
(This age group will be divided alphabetically by last name dependent on the number of registrations. We will communicate the alphabetical cutoff prior to the evaluations)
Fall 2021 Grade 7/8 BOYS (current 6th & 7th grade) Friday May 14th
Group 1 – 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM
Group 2 – 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
(This age group will be divided alphabetically by last name dependent on the number of registrations. We will communicate the alphabetical cutoff prior to the evaluations)

*Important* You must register for the Fall 2021 season (even Spring-only registrations) prior to evaluations. Your Fall 2021 registration will serve as your registration for evaluations. Evaluations are mandatory.

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