Travel Evaluation Schedule

Each year at this time, we begin the process of getting ready for the following year’s (fall and spring) soccer programs. MYS generally receives a good number of questions regarding the evaluations and team selection process for the Travel program. In an attempt to share information direct from the source please read below. We have also posted detailed Q&A the web page.

PLAYER EVALUATION sessions are mandatory:
MYS player evaluations are mandatory. If there are extenuating circumstances we will try to accommodate by having players participate in another age group try outs (this must be at an age group above the players age group), but this will be the exception. We do not hold separate make-up sessions. Please contact if you are absolutely unable to attend evaluations for any reason.

IMPORTANT: All players must be registered before the end of May in order to participate in evaluations. Absolutely no registrations will be accepted on the day of tryouts.  In the event of changes to the days and times below, MYS will advise as much in advance as possible.    

Group Day Evaluation Time
Grade 3 – Boys   Saturday June 1st 4:00 – 5:15
Grade 3 – Girls  Saturday June 1st 5:30 – 6:15
Grade 4 – Girls Thursday June 6th 5:00 – 6:30
Grade 4 – Boys Thursday June 6th 6:30 – 8:00
Grade 5 – Boys Friday June 14th 5:30 – 7:00
Grade 5 – Girls Saturday June 8th 5:30 – 7:00
Grade 6 – Boys  Saturday June 15th 5.00 – 6:30
Grade 6 – Girls  Tuesday June 18th 5:00 – 6:30
Grade 7/8 – Girls **** Wed. June 19th 5:00 – 6:30
Grade 7/8 – Girls **** Wed. June 19th 6:30 – 8:00
Grade 7/8 – Boys **** Monday June 17th 5:00 – 6:30
Grade 7/8 – Boys **** Monday June 17th 6:30 – 8:00

**** Given the numbers in these groups, we break them into two sessions.  We will provide more information on this after the regisration window has closed.  This will allow us to understand who attends which session.

Please ensure that all kids are to the fields at least 30 minutes before we begin.

The Evaluation Process:
All of our players change, sometimes dramatically, from year to year – thus our process is guided by this mission: Every new season begins with a fresh start for every player.

The MYS goal during the team selection process is to remove as much bias as possible, which often cloud youth sports. Thus, our evaluators start from scratch each year without prejudice.

The team organizing and executing the sessions is made up of approximately 7+ people….some completely independent, some involved with MYS. The evaluators are qualified and knowledgeable in soccer. None will evaluate the age group their child is in.

The focus of evaluations will be on examining the tactical and technical abilities of players in a game setting. Evaluation sessions run as a rotation of “just playing soccer” on small sided fields as well as larger 6v6/8v8 fields. Evaluations are held in a single session per age group. At check in players are RANDOMLY grouped into teams of 6-8 players. When the session is broken down the players are observed non-stop by experienced soccer coaches or former players. The evaluators observe each team 2 times on the larger fields and 1 time on the small sided fields with rotations occurring every 12-15 minutes. This produces a significant amount of data points and various views of the player. The process incorporates position changing, opponent changes and rest periods. The evaluators are instructed to look for basic team skills (passing, communication, etc) as well as individual skills. As previously mentioned evaluations are on small sided fields which gives the players plenty of opportunity to demonstrate their foot skills, ball control, off the ball movement and ball possession. Players are also rotated to 6v6 or 8v8 fields so skills such as shooting, defensive technique, aggressive play, player understanding of positions and work rate can be assessed.

Besides the player evaluation sessions MYS collects 2 other sources of evaluation data. These sources serve as input to player’s placement as well as check and balance to each other. Collecting 3 sources of data observed on 3 separate occasions enables MYS to assess players under fair and equal conditions. The other 2 sources are data are coach evaluation of the player and game evaluations. For more information about these sources please visit the Q&A on the travel program page.

It is very important to understand that once players have been placed, coaches will then be placed.

Teams/Age Groups:
MYS’s goal is to have all players wanting to play on a travel soccer team will be placed.
Grade 3: MYS teams participating in the Grade 3 Division will consist of XX, A/B and C/D balanced teams.
Grade 4, 5, 6, 7/8:MYS teams participating in the Grades 5 through 8 Divisions will consist of teams at the “A” level, teams at the “B” level, and so forth, dependent on the number of participating players.
Grade 7/8: MYS follows the BAYS guidelines and combines 7th and 8th grade players.

The formation of teams is always dependent upon numbers of players at each age and as mentioned, our goal is to keep cores of similar ability players together and to not cut players. We are committed to providing players the opportunity to develop their skills and enjoy the game of soccer among peers and opponents of the similar skills.

Timing of Team Selection:
Ideally, we would like to have 500+ players placed on 50+ team by early July. There are a number of factors that determine the speed at which this may happen. We will do our best to move this process quickly and help alleviate player’s anxieties but accuracy must take priority. MYS will notify parents via email of the “expected placement timeline” as we approach the last week of June or early July.

MYS hopes this makes the process clearer and answers many of your questions. Again please visit the MYS website and policy manual (board page) for more detailed information about the travel program.

Fall 2018 Travel Rosters

Travel rosters for Fall 2018 can be found below.  To sort on a particular column, click the arrows in the column header.  To search the entire table, use the Search box at the top right.  Or, to filter on a particular column, type the desired filter into the corresponding box at the bottom of the table.  You can also change the number of rows displayed at a time by updating the “Show x entries” drop-down.

GIRLSGrade 7/8Abigail JeanHornets I
GIRLSGrade 7/8Alexis OKeefeHornets I
GIRLSGrade 7/8Amanda McCarthyHornets I
GIRLSGrade 7/8Bridget HanleyHornets I
GIRLSGrade 7/8Brooke PenneyHornets I
GIRLSGrade 7/8Caitlyn ZajacHornets I
GIRLSGrade 7/8Carly DevineHornets I
GIRLSGrade 7/8Cecilia FrancisHornets I
GIRLSGrade 7/8Courtney CroakHornets I
GIRLSGrade 7/8Jillian KoppyHornets I
GIRLSGrade 7/8Julia FallonHornets I
GIRLSGrade 7/8Julia ScarpelliniHornets I
GIRLSGrade 7/8Kara SantosHornets I
GIRLSGrade 7/8Lily CampbellHornets I
GIRLSGrade 7/8Maeve AnastasiaHornets I
GIRLSGrade 7/8Olivia HomsiHornets I
GIRLSGrade 7/8Olivia SalisburyHornets I
GIRLSGrade 7/8Anna NovioHornets II
GIRLSGrade 7/8Brooke ButlerHornets II
GIRLSGrade 7/8Cammy ShantelerHornets II
GIRLSGrade 7/8Caroline LakeHornets II
GIRLSGrade 7/8Celia BotelhoHornets II
GIRLSGrade 7/8Charlotte NoonanHornets II
GIRLSGrade 7/8Elena OKeefeHornets II
GIRLSGrade 7/8Elsie RobertsHornets II
GIRLSGrade 7/8Jillian HanleyHornets II
GIRLSGrade 7/8Juliana MachadoHornets II
GIRLSGrade 7/8Lily GradyHornets II
GIRLSGrade 7/8Maxine MarzellaHornets II
GIRLSGrade 7/8Norah PuleoHornets II
GIRLSGrade 7/8Olivia ClangHornets II
GIRLSGrade 7/8Olivia DohertyHornets II
GIRLSGrade 7/8Reagan TroutHornets II
GIRLSGrade 7/8Stella MooreHornets II
GIRLSGrade 7/8Bridget WalshHornets III
GIRLSGrade 7/8Devin AndersonHornets III
GIRLSGrade 7/8Emily PenneyHornets III
GIRLSGrade 7/8Genevieve MorrealeHornets III
GIRLSGrade 7/8Jaelyn JohnsonHornets III
GIRLSGrade 7/8Katie GarrahyHornets III
GIRLSGrade 7/8Kristina KippHornets III
GIRLSGrade 7/8Loralei GarlingerHornets III
GIRLSGrade 7/8Madeline BurkeHornets III
GIRLSGrade 7/8Madison PowersHornets III
GIRLSGrade 7/8Meghan DriscollHornets III
GIRLSGrade 7/8Rosalee McIntyreHornets III
GIRLSGrade 7/8Rose MaherHornets III
GIRLSGrade 7/8Sandy HublerHornets III
GIRLSGrade 7/8Sarah HoweHornets III
GIRLSGrade 7/8Shea McBrideHornets III
GIRLSGrade 7/8Teresa AndruzziHornets III
GIRLSGrade 7/8Alexa PikeHornets IV
GIRLSGrade 7/8Alexi DuffHornets IV
GIRLSGrade 7/8Alexis DiVastaHornets IV
GIRLSGrade 7/8Anna GouletHornets IV
GIRLSGrade 7/8Anna MooreHornets IV
GIRLSGrade 7/8Brady FoxHornets IV
GIRLSGrade 7/8Carmella SimonelliHornets IV
GIRLSGrade 7/8Cassidy RiceHornets IV
GIRLSGrade 7/8Emma StasiumHornets IV
GIRLSGrade 7/8Isabella SacchettiHornets IV
GIRLSGrade 7/8Jenna IglehartHornets IV
GIRLSGrade 7/8Jennifer LauteriHornets IV
GIRLSGrade 7/8Joselyn SabaHornets IV
GIRLSGrade 7/8Katherine ElliottHornets IV
GIRLSGrade 7/8Keira FitzpatrickHornets IV
GIRLSGrade 7/8Kiley HillHornets IV
GIRLSGrade 7/8Madison VolpeHornets IV
GIRLSGrade 7/8Savannah ChabotHornets IV
GIRLSGrade 6Angela Sarai WheelerHornets I
GIRLSGrade 6Bridget BoniHornets I
GIRLSGrade 6Claire CoppHornets I
GIRLSGrade 6Corinne CroakHornets I
GIRLSGrade 6Emily HartHornets I
GIRLSGrade 6Gabriella SeifertHornets I
GIRLSGrade 6Jillian FoleyHornets I
GIRLSGrade 6Lyla NappaHornets I
GIRLSGrade 6Meghan McCannHornets I
GIRLSGrade 6Morgan LewisHornets I
GIRLSGrade 6Samantha LoganHornets I
GIRLSGrade 6Vail DuBeauHornets I
GIRLSGrade 6Vivian RobinsonHornets I
GIRLSGrade 6Addison MacDonaldHornets II
GIRLSGrade 6Aniela DilesoHornets II
GIRLSGrade 6Ava FrancisHornets II
GIRLSGrade 6Catarina SmithHornets II
GIRLSGrade 6Danielle MarzellaHornets II
GIRLSGrade 6Jenna GordonHornets II
GIRLSGrade 6Kate DeasyHornets II
GIRLSGrade 6Kaylan DutraHornets II
GIRLSGrade 6Laurel CampbellHornets II
GIRLSGrade 6Meghan GalanteHornets II
GIRLSGrade 6Skylar MarkowskiHornets II
GIRLSGrade 6Taylor PalinskiHornets II
GIRLSGrade 6Zoe ColchamiroHornets II
GIRLSGrade 6Addison CharltonHornets III
GIRLSGrade 6Aubrey IglehartHornets III
GIRLSGrade 6Avery Rose DanielsHornets III
GIRLSGrade 6Caroline DaltonHornets III
GIRLSGrade 6Danielle FligorHornets III
GIRLSGrade 6Elizabeth DeckettHornets III
GIRLSGrade 6Ella HarringtonHornets III
GIRLSGrade 6Emily MacDonaldHornets III
GIRLSGrade 6Haley BalzariniHornets III
GIRLSGrade 6Marissa PosnerHornets III
GIRLSGrade 6Mia NicoloroHornets III
GIRLSGrade 6Olivia GuglielmiHornets III
GIRLSGrade 6Sarah FitzpatrickHornets III
GIRLSGrade 5Alexandra FernandesHornets I
GIRLSGrade 5Allison KoppyHornets I
GIRLSGrade 5Emma McphersonHornets I
GIRLSGrade 5Ivanna ChaparroHornets I
GIRLSGrade 5Katelyn TroiloHornets I
GIRLSGrade 5Kelsey OConnorHornets I
GIRLSGrade 5Lauren SignorielloHornets I
GIRLSGrade 5Lexi FletcherHornets I
GIRLSGrade 5Madeline FernandesHornets I
GIRLSGrade 5Madelyn BuckleyHornets I
GIRLSGrade 5Moira CosgroveHornets I
GIRLSGrade 5Olivia DunhamHornets I
GIRLSGrade 5Olivia PoskHornets I
GIRLSGrade 5Vivien HarrisHornets I
GIRLSGrade 5Amy ZajacHornets II
GIRLSGrade 5Anabel SilvaHornets II
GIRLSGrade 5Ava MadeiraHornets II
GIRLSGrade 5Avery LakeHornets II
GIRLSGrade 5Cadence HolbrookHornets II
GIRLSGrade 5Elise McCormickHornets II
GIRLSGrade 5Isabella AnthonyHornets II
GIRLSGrade 5Julia ArmasHornets II
GIRLSGrade 5Katherine (Katie) KeefeHornets II
GIRLSGrade 5Katherine G McGloneHornets II
GIRLSGrade 5Kayleigh SitlerHornets II
GIRLSGrade 5Reese HomsiHornets II
GIRLSGrade 5Riyah BaezHornets II
GIRLSGrade 5Sydney DiVastaHornets II
GIRLSGrade 5Alanna LipskyHornets III
GIRLSGrade 5Alexandra LemanHornets III
GIRLSGrade 5alexandra PetrovaHornets III
GIRLSGrade 5Annalise BilodeauHornets III
GIRLSGrade 5Cally AmaraHornets III
GIRLSGrade 5Claire Martin NeillHornets III
GIRLSGrade 5Grace ThibaultHornets III
GIRLSGrade 5Hailey KnappHornets III
GIRLSGrade 5Lucy MccaffertyHornets III
GIRLSGrade 5Meeghan WalshHornets III
GIRLSGrade 5Parker SelmonHornets III
GIRLSGrade 5Rowan DubeHornets III
GIRLSGrade 5Satya AmarakondaHornets III
GIRLSGrade 5Shannon FlynnHornets III
GIRLSGrade 5Taylor SelmonHornets III
GIRLSGrade 4Abigail ZnojHornets I
GIRLSGrade 4Addison FrenetteHornets I
GIRLSGrade 4Ainslee JacksonHornets I
GIRLSGrade 4Alexa LoganHornets I
GIRLSGrade 4Elle McgrathHornets I
GIRLSGrade 4Hailey NieratkoHornets I
GIRLSGrade 4Madeline BoyleHornets I
GIRLSGrade 4Mia NieratkoHornets I
GIRLSGrade 4Neave DoyleHornets I
GIRLSGrade 4Ryann LoganHornets I
GIRLSGrade 4Sophia FoleyHornets I
GIRLSGrade 4Sophie ShoneHornets I
GIRLSGrade 4Ashleigh CromackHornets II
GIRLSGrade 4Audrey PuleoHornets II
GIRLSGrade 4Ava NorigeHornets II
GIRLSGrade 4Bianca BilodeauHornets II
GIRLSGrade 4Brielle BilodeauHornets II
GIRLSGrade 4Emily TaberHornets II
GIRLSGrade 4Emma JoynesHornets II
GIRLSGrade 4Grace SigmanHornets II
GIRLSGrade 4Lauren BrownHornets II
GIRLSGrade 4Levina LeggettHornets II
GIRLSGrade 4Nora HausmanHornets II
GIRLSGrade 4Sadie JablonskiHornets II
GIRLSGrade 4Sophie ClangHornets II
GIRLSGrade 4Autumn ReynoldsHornets III
GIRLSGrade 4Grace MaxwellHornets III
GIRLSGrade 4Kaelin ONeillHornets III
GIRLSGrade 4Kalissa FredricksHornets III
GIRLSGrade 4Kaylin MaydakHornets III
GIRLSGrade 4Kelley LydonHornets III
GIRLSGrade 4Lindsey LarochelleHornets III
GIRLSGrade 4Madeline WisdomHornets III
GIRLSGrade 4Megan AlmeidaHornets III
GIRLSGrade 4Olivia DuBoseHornets III
GIRLSGrade 4Shreshta MachaHornets III
GIRLSGrade 4Teagan BalzariniHornets III
GIRLSGrade 3Alexis AquinoGreen Hornets
GIRLSGrade 3Ayla DoloresGreen Hornets
GIRLSGrade 3Eleanor WalshGreen Hornets
GIRLSGrade 3Haley ReardonGreen Hornets
GIRLSGrade 3Kennedy ReardonGreen Hornets
GIRLSGrade 3Lyla JordanGreen Hornets
GIRLSGrade 3Maggie VallettGreen Hornets
GIRLSGrade 3Malori WaldronGreen Hornets
GIRLSGrade 3Ruby NappaGreen Hornets
GIRLSGrade 3Sarah JonesGreen Hornets
GIRLSGrade 3Sophia ConnaughtonGreen Hornets
GIRLSGrade 3Victoria DiPetrilloGreen Hornets
GIRLSGrade 3Belen Martin NeillWhite Hornets
GIRLSGrade 3Cecilia KilloryWhite Hornets
GIRLSGrade 3Elizabeth CosgroveWhite Hornets
GIRLSGrade 3Eva SteeleWhite Hornets
GIRLSGrade 3Gabrielle RogersWhite Hornets
GIRLSGrade 3Hope GradyWhite Hornets
GIRLSGrade 3Lia TroiloWhite Hornets
GIRLSGrade 3Meghan DonovanWhite Hornets
GIRLSGrade 3Olivia VargasWhite Hornets
GIRLSGrade 3Paige AustinWhite Hornets
GIRLSGrade 3Riley ZukowskiWhite Hornets
GIRLSGrade 3Rylie PowersWhite Hornets
GIRLSGrade 3Alexis HebardBuzz
GIRLSGrade 3Annabel ReynoldsBuzz
GIRLSGrade 3Annabelle JohnsonBuzz
GIRLSGrade 3Caitlin SlaneyBuzz
GIRLSGrade 3Delaney FlinnBuzz
GIRLSGrade 3Diana ForghanBuzz
GIRLSGrade 3Madison ONeillBuzz
GIRLSGrade 3Olivia LeDouxBuzz
GIRLSGrade 3Samantha StasiumBuzz
GIRLSGrade 3Sri Hamsika DevineniBuzz
GIRLSGrade 3Victoria HaferdBuzz
BOYSGrade 7/8Aiden SteeleHornets I
BOYSGrade 7/8Arun WalcottHornets I
BOYSGrade 7/8Brendan FlynnHornets I
BOYSGrade 7/8Connor PalinskiHornets I
BOYSGrade 7/8Daniel CheckowayHornets I
BOYSGrade 7/8Dante SpivakHornets I
BOYSGrade 7/8Derek McgrathHornets I
BOYSGrade 7/8Gentili, BenHornets I
BOYSGrade 7/8Grady BloodHornets I
BOYSGrade 7/8Grady SullivanHornets I
BOYSGrade 7/8Kyle JohnsonHornets I
BOYSGrade 7/8Liam DoyleHornets I
BOYSGrade 7/8Liam SteeleHornets I
BOYSGrade 7/8Minuja RajasingheHornets I
BOYSGrade 7/8Samuel TaylorHornets I
BOYSGrade 7/8Stephen CorriganHornets I
BOYSGrade 7/8Aidan JonesHornets II
BOYSGrade 7/8Andrew BurnhamHornets II
BOYSGrade 7/8Benjamin GrellaHornets II
BOYSGrade 7/8Billy GlossonHornets II
BOYSGrade 7/8Casey GorhanHornets II
BOYSGrade 7/8Declan ShannonHornets II
BOYSGrade 7/8Jeevan BaylisHornets II
BOYSGrade 7/8Jordan HennesseyHornets II
BOYSGrade 7/8Luis MachadoHornets II
BOYSGrade 7/8Matthew IovinoHornets II
BOYSGrade 7/8Neil VermaHornets II
BOYSGrade 7/8Stephen MullertHornets II
BOYSGrade 7/8Tejas NaikHornets II
BOYSGrade 7/8Tyler DuffinHornets II
BOYSGrade 7/8William RileyHornets II
BOYSGrade 7/8Yuv SakhalkarHornets II
BOYSGrade 7/8Aidan CartyHornets III
BOYSGrade 7/8Alexander KlainHornets III
BOYSGrade 7/8Archith ThipparthiHornets III
BOYSGrade 7/8Austin WalshHornets III
BOYSGrade 7/8Christopher OBrienHornets III
BOYSGrade 7/8Connor ArmasHornets III
BOYSGrade 7/8Jack ChartierHornets III
BOYSGrade 7/8Matthew BreitensteinHornets III
BOYSGrade 7/8Michael NagleHornets III
BOYSGrade 7/8Michael RemyHornets III
BOYSGrade 7/8Mohammad SengabaHornets III
BOYSGrade 7/8Nate McCleanHornets III
BOYSGrade 7/8Peter MoroccoHornets III
BOYSGrade 7/8Ryan LaneHornets III
BOYSGrade 7/8Sirius LiHornets III
BOYSGrade 7/8Theo DonnellanHornets III
BOYSGrade 7/8Xavier GwynneHornets III
BOYSGrade 7/8Adam JohnsonHornets IV
BOYSGrade 7/8Akshay KapoorHornets IV
BOYSGrade 7/8Benjamin CainHornets IV
BOYSGrade 7/8Braeden MurrayHornets IV
BOYSGrade 7/8Brendan GoldnerHornets IV
BOYSGrade 7/8Charles SabaHornets IV
BOYSGrade 7/8Christopher LennonHornets IV
BOYSGrade 7/8Daniel MintzHornets IV
BOYSGrade 7/8Dhruv JainHornets IV
BOYSGrade 7/8Jacod Brady-McKayHornets IV
BOYSGrade 7/8Jaxon SpivakHornets IV
BOYSGrade 7/8Jesse ColchamiroHornets IV
BOYSGrade 7/8Kaden ConnollyHornets IV
BOYSGrade 7/8Michael BurnsHornets IV
BOYSGrade 7/8Seth PierceHornets IV
BOYSGrade 7/8William FundoraHornets IV
BOYSGrade 7/8William RuseHornets IV
BOYSGrade 6Amro HosnyHornets I
BOYSGrade 6Brandon HawthorneHornets I
BOYSGrade 6Brendan VokeyHornets I
BOYSGrade 6Cooper AustinHornets I
BOYSGrade 6Dylan MullinHornets I
BOYSGrade 6Eamon DoyleHornets I
BOYSGrade 6Justin CohenHornets I
BOYSGrade 6Marco GeminianiHornets I
BOYSGrade 6Matthew SullivanHornets I
BOYSGrade 6Nathan FrenetteHornets I
BOYSGrade 6Shaddy MakramHornets I
BOYSGrade 6Tyler ZnojHornets I
BOYSGrade 6Brady MacWilliamsHornets II
BOYSGrade 6Dylan Da SilvaHornets II
BOYSGrade 6Dylan PriestHornets II
BOYSGrade 6Eban SchotzHornets II
BOYSGrade 6John SpellmanHornets II
BOYSGrade 6Kyle DickinsonHornets II
BOYSGrade 6Luke McguireHornets II
BOYSGrade 6Matthew WirzburgerHornets II
BOYSGrade 6Myles BrownHornets II
BOYSGrade 6Samuel KellyHornets II
BOYSGrade 6Tyler IovinoHornets II
BOYSGrade 6William BrunoHornets II
BOYSGrade 6Colby QuersherHornets III
BOYSGrade 6Isaac GentiliHornets III
BOYSGrade 6Jacob GentiliHornets III
BOYSGrade 6Jeffrey StasiumHornets III
BOYSGrade 6Jack JohnsonHornets III
BOYSGrade 6Lucas LeBlancHornets III
BOYSGrade 6Madhav SharmaHornets III
BOYSGrade 6Giovanni MadrazoHornets III
BOYSGrade 6Mark DaaboulHornets III
BOYSGrade 6Owen Jeffery KobsHornets III
BOYSGrade 6Sean BenvissutoHornets III
BOYSGrade 6Sean MurphyHornets III
BOYSGrade 5Ajay AthreyaHornets I
BOYSGrade 5Benjamin HoopisHornets I
BOYSGrade 5Brandon GardnerHornets I
BOYSGrade 5Brian JonesHornets I
BOYSGrade 5Cameron PetersonHornets I
BOYSGrade 5Christopher RodrigueHornets I
BOYSGrade 5Cody SilverHornets I
BOYSGrade 5Connor SmithHornets I
BOYSGrade 5Evan HefezHornets I
BOYSGrade 5Jack PeabodyHornets I
BOYSGrade 5James WarrenHornets I
BOYSGrade 5Nicholas DiVastaHornets I
BOYSGrade 5Benjamin DiGiovanniHornets II
BOYSGrade 5Brennan RocheHornets II
BOYSGrade 5Colin MoussetteHornets II
BOYSGrade 5Henry FitzPatrickHornets II
BOYSGrade 5Jacob BianchiHornets II
BOYSGrade 5Jacob DanceyHornets II
BOYSGrade 5Joseph FederlineHornets II
BOYSGrade 5Justin DaoudHornets II
BOYSGrade 5Kieran HoffHornets II
BOYSGrade 5Michael RocheHornets II
BOYSGrade 5TJ WillisHornets II
BOYSGrade 5Troy Lasbury-CaseyHornets II
BOYSGrade 5Cameron SekoraHornets III
BOYSGrade 5Dorven PierreHornets III
BOYSGrade 5Garrett ThibaultHornets III
BOYSGrade 5Homam SengabaHornets III
BOYSGrade 5Jordan McIntyreHornets III
BOYSGrade 5Joseph LydonHornets III
BOYSGrade 5Justin SullivanHornets III
BOYSGrade 5Owen DiGregorioHornets III
BOYSGrade 5Rishi VermaHornets III
BOYSGrade 5Sriram MarthineniHornets III
BOYSGrade 5Wyatt KatonHornets III
BOYSGrade 4Caden HarteHornets I
BOYSGrade 4Cole HogencampHornets I
BOYSGrade 4Declan GallivanHornets I
BOYSGrade 4Ethan KucharskiHornets I
BOYSGrade 4Jaxon HarrisHornets I
BOYSGrade 4Max TillmanHornets I
BOYSGrade 4Michael NosovitskiHornets I
BOYSGrade 4Peter BloodHornets I
BOYSGrade 4Sujay Reddy GaddamHornets I
BOYSGrade 4Tyler CookHornets I
BOYSGrade 4Zachary QuersherHornets I
BOYSGrade 4Arpith ThipparthiHornets II
BOYSGrade 4Cole BonnymanHornets II
BOYSGrade 4Daniel FlemingHornets II
BOYSGrade 4Edward KiernanHornets II
BOYSGrade 4Gavin GarnettHornets II
BOYSGrade 4Harry PatrinosHornets II
BOYSGrade 4Jacob LoganHornets II
BOYSGrade 4Owen BertolamiHornets II
BOYSGrade 4Ryan JohnsonHornets II
BOYSGrade 4Walter StockHornets II
BOYSGrade 4Andrew HoweBuzz
BOYSGrade 4Christopher PalmerBuzz
BOYSGrade 4Colin OConnorBuzz
BOYSGrade 4Jack BaileyBuzz
BOYSGrade 4Jack BenvissutoBuzz
BOYSGrade 4Justin GiudicianniBuzz
BOYSGrade 4Marcus BaileyBuzz
BOYSGrade 4Nathan KobsBuzz
BOYSGrade 4Michael ChartierBuzz
BOYSGrade 4Owen AdamsBuzz
BOYSGrade 4Aaron RosemarkSwarm
BOYSGrade 4Adam CooneySwarm
BOYSGrade 4Andrew DeckettSwarm
BOYSGrade 4Angelo MeglioSwarm
BOYSGrade 4Carlos SanchezSwarm
BOYSGrade 4Declan MccoySwarm
BOYSGrade 4James OresteSwarm
BOYSGrade 4Jaxiel Rivera SosaSwarm
BOYSGrade 4Pratyush TekumallaSwarm
BOYSGrade 4Thomas DonovanSwarm
BOYSGrade 4William FennellSwarm
BOYSGrade 3Aaron CucinottaGreen Hornets
BOYSGrade 3Adam GardnerGreen Hornets
BOYSGrade 3Aidan NorigeGreen Hornets
BOYSGrade 3Charlie SilverGreen Hornets
BOYSGrade 3Connor FernandesGreen Hornets
BOYSGrade 3Jackson HowardGreen Hornets
BOYSGrade 3Juan SanchezGreen Hornets
BOYSGrade 3Landon OConnorGreen Hornets
BOYSGrade 3Noah SigmanGreen Hornets
BOYSGrade 3Thomas MccomickGreen Hornets
BOYSGrade 3Tyler GentiliGreen Hornets
BOYSGrade 3Brendan DanehyWhite Hornets
BOYSGrade 3Callum HolmesWhite Hornets
BOYSGrade 3Connor CummingsWhite Hornets
BOYSGrade 3Eli GreyWhite Hornets
BOYSGrade 3Joey OkeefeWhite Hornets
BOYSGrade 3Kauan CarvalhoWhite Hornets
BOYSGrade 3Kyle MedeirosWhite Hornets
BOYSGrade 3Mason CarrWhite Hornets
BOYSGrade 3Rory HennessyWhite Hornets
BOYSGrade 3Zachary SalisburyWhite Hornets
BOYSGrade 3Atharva AtluriBuzz
BOYSGrade 3Benjamin CurryBuzz
BOYSGrade 3Benjamin FlemingBuzz
BOYSGrade 3Brolin LiljebladBuzz
BOYSGrade 3Colin DonovanBuzz
BOYSGrade 3Gavin WhiteBuzz
BOYSGrade 3Liam TimlinBuzz
BOYSGrade 3Preston HorneBuzz
BOYSGrade 3Quinn DickinsonBuzz
BOYSGrade 3Sean RappBuzz
BOYSGrade 3Trey WhiteBuzz
BOYSGrade 3Aiden KimSwarm
BOYSGrade 3Bennett KresgeSwarm
BOYSGrade 3Cayden CampbellSwarm
BOYSGrade 3Connor McNeillSwarm
BOYSGrade 3Ethan MiaoSwarm
BOYSGrade 3Gavin RuteckiSwarm
BOYSGrade 3Liam DunnSwarm
BOYSGrade 3Matthew KobasaSwarm
BOYSGrade 3Ricardo CortejosoSwarm
BOYSGrade 3Tyler McNeillSwarm
BOYSGrade 3Vihaan TripathiSwarm

Travel Uniform and Apparel Ordering

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~If you are a returning travel player from last season, when you order your New Jersey Please use your current jersey number.

~If you are a new to the travel program or have not played in a couple of seasons please contact the equipment director for your jersey number.

~Orders will be shipped directly to your Home!
Size Chart 3.23.2017







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