Travel Evaluation Schedule

Each year at this time, we begin the process of getting ready for the following year’s (fall and spring) soccer programs. MYS generally receives a good number of questions regarding the evaluations and team selection process for the Travel program. In an attempt to share information direct from the source please read below. We have also posted detailed Q&A the web page.

PLAYER EVALUATION sessions are mandatory:
MYS player evaluations are mandatory. If there are extenuating circumstances we will try to accommodate by having players participate in another age group try outs (this must be at an age group above the players age group), but this will be the exception. We do not hold separate make-up sessions. Please contact if you are absolutely unable to attend evaluations for any reason.

IMPORTANT: All players must be registered before the end of May in order to participate in evaluations. Absolutely no registrations will be accepted on the day of tryouts.  In the event of changes to the days and times below, MYS will advise as much in advance as possible.    

Group Day Evaluation Time
Grade 3 – Boys   Saturday June 1st 4:00 – 5:15
Grade 3 – Girls  Saturday June 1st 5:30 – 6:15
Grade 4 – Girls Thursday June 6th 5:00 – 6:30
Grade 4 – Boys Thursday June 6th 6:30 – 8:00
Grade 5 – Boys Friday June 14th 5:30 – 7:00
Grade 5 – Girls Saturday June 8th 5:30 – 7:00
Grade 6 – Boys  Saturday June 15th 5.00 – 6:30
Grade 6 – Girls  Tuesday June 18th 5:00 – 6:30
Grade 7/8 – Girls **** Wed. June 19th 5:00 – 6:30
Grade 7/8 – Girls **** Wed. June 19th 6:30 – 8:00
Grade 7/8 – Boys **** Monday June 17th 5:00 – 6:30
Grade 7/8 – Boys **** Monday June 17th 6:30 – 8:00

**** Given the numbers in these groups, we break them into two sessions.  We will provide more information on this after the regisration window has closed.  This will allow us to understand who attends which session.

Please ensure that all kids are to the fields at least 30 minutes before we begin.

The Evaluation Process:
All of our players change, sometimes dramatically, from year to year – thus our process is guided by this mission: Every new season begins with a fresh start for every player.

The MYS goal during the team selection process is to remove as much bias as possible, which often cloud youth sports. Thus, our evaluators start from scratch each year without prejudice.

The team organizing and executing the sessions is made up of approximately 7+ people….some completely independent, some involved with MYS. The evaluators are qualified and knowledgeable in soccer. None will evaluate the age group their child is in.

The focus of evaluations will be on examining the tactical and technical abilities of players in a game setting. Evaluation sessions run as a rotation of “just playing soccer” on small sided fields as well as larger 6v6/8v8 fields. Evaluations are held in a single session per age group. At check in players are RANDOMLY grouped into teams of 6-8 players. When the session is broken down the players are observed non-stop by experienced soccer coaches or former players. The evaluators observe each team 2 times on the larger fields and 1 time on the small sided fields with rotations occurring every 12-15 minutes. This produces a significant amount of data points and various views of the player. The process incorporates position changing, opponent changes and rest periods. The evaluators are instructed to look for basic team skills (passing, communication, etc) as well as individual skills. As previously mentioned evaluations are on small sided fields which gives the players plenty of opportunity to demonstrate their foot skills, ball control, off the ball movement and ball possession. Players are also rotated to 6v6 or 8v8 fields so skills such as shooting, defensive technique, aggressive play, player understanding of positions and work rate can be assessed.

Besides the player evaluation sessions MYS collects 2 other sources of evaluation data. These sources serve as input to player’s placement as well as check and balance to each other. Collecting 3 sources of data observed on 3 separate occasions enables MYS to assess players under fair and equal conditions. The other 2 sources are data are coach evaluation of the player and game evaluations. For more information about these sources please visit the Q&A on the travel program page.

It is very important to understand that once players have been placed, coaches will then be placed.

Teams/Age Groups:
MYS’s goal is to have all players wanting to play on a travel soccer team will be placed.
Grade 3: MYS teams participating in the Grade 3 Division will consist of XX, A/B and C/D balanced teams.
Grade 4, 5, 6, 7/8:MYS teams participating in the Grades 5 through 8 Divisions will consist of teams at the “A” level, teams at the “B” level, and so forth, dependent on the number of participating players.
Grade 7/8: MYS follows the BAYS guidelines and combines 7th and 8th grade players.

The formation of teams is always dependent upon numbers of players at each age and as mentioned, our goal is to keep cores of similar ability players together and to not cut players. We are committed to providing players the opportunity to develop their skills and enjoy the game of soccer among peers and opponents of the similar skills.

Timing of Team Selection:
Ideally, we would like to have 500+ players placed on 50+ team by early July. There are a number of factors that determine the speed at which this may happen. We will do our best to move this process quickly and help alleviate player’s anxieties but accuracy must take priority. MYS will notify parents via email of the “expected placement timeline” as we approach the last week of June or early July.

MYS hopes this makes the process clearer and answers many of your questions. Again please visit the MYS website and policy manual (board page) for more detailed information about the travel program.

Fall In-town Registration Now Open

Proceed to Online Registration for Fall 2018

Instructions for Online Registration 

MYS thanks you in advance for using online registration. Follow the link below to our secure, online registration site. Once there you should follow the process below to register and pay for Fall 2018 soccer for your children.

Season Information: Display of registration fees and guide for age bracket leagues. Pay special attention to DOB of leagues since player will automatically default to league based on DOB.

Family Look up: Families previously registered with MYS will display from the last name search. Select correct family based on street and # of children playing soccer. If family is not previously registered with MYS or not found in search then create a new account.

Player Selection/Registration: Select or add player to register. League for player will be defaulted based on cut off date and DOB.

DOB Default Update– Age groups have been revised to be both Grade based and DOB based.  This allows your children to play with their classmates.  The changes are visualized in the chart below but represent an expansion of the age group from current 8/1 extended back to 1/1 of the same year so now less waivers are needed. For example: Current U8 is 8/1/07 – 7/31/08.  The changes in the Fall will change to Grade 3 and after 1/1/07.  Players are expected to remain with their current teams playing with their grade.

Fall 2017 Chart:

Age Group Placement Grade as ofSept 2017 And Born on

or after

PK (former U5) PK 1/1/2012
Grade K (former U6) K 1/1/2011
Grade 1 (former U7) 1st 1/1/2010
Grade 2 (former U8) 2nd 1/1/2009
Grade 3 (former U9) 3rd 1/1/2008
Grade 4 (former U10) 4th 1/1/2007
Grade 5 (former U11) 5th 1/1/2006
Grade 6 (former U12) 6th 1/1/2005
Grade 7/8 (former U13/14) 7th/8th 1/1/2003

If online registration options are not in agreement with the above chart, please email me at to complete your registration.Important: System limitations have resulted in potential glitches (primarily with older children in each age group) which may require MYS manual assistance.  So please leverage the above chart when completing your online registration.

Volunteer questions: Fill out volunteer questions and comments. You will be contacted to process your CORI.

Checkout: Check summary of charges then move on to complete the credit card transaction. No child will be denied the opportunity to play soccer for financial reasons.

Player questions: Fill out email address and players questions for as many children you have registered.

DONE: Process is complete. Close browser window. Email receipt will be sent to you as confirmation of your registration.

Fees are :

$105 for U5 – U14 Intown players
$115 for all travel players (Deadline May 31st)
$145 Travel Wait List
$285 Family maximum
$25 Late fee per PLAYER (beginning August 5)

Registration Fees Increase

Over the last few seasons, MYS has increased our investment in player and coach development through our partnership with the Revolution.  Some changes have included adding group skill practice nights for Grades 3, 4, & 5, lesson plans for Grades 3 – 5 along with improved plans for Grades PK – 2 and, most importantly, a full-time Director of Coaching who will help create the long-term development plans for our kids.

Each year the Board of MYS reviews our financials to ensure we can continue to provide a high quality environment for the kids.  After our latest review, the Board has determined that after 5 years of consistent pricing that a slight $10 increase in registration fees is necessary to cover our program enhancements along with increases in costs for equipment and maintenance to our complex.  The increase will affect both In-Town and Travel prices for the 2018-2019 season (starting September 2018).  There will continue to be a family max cap per season but have also raised that limit by $10 to a max of $285 per season.

MYS understands that this change can affect families and the organization continues to offer financial assistance to families.


MYS Board of Directors


Travel Uniform and Apparel Ordering

Order Here – MYS Apparel Link


~If you are a returning travel player from last season, when you order your New Jersey Please use your current jersey number.

~If you are a new to the travel program or have not played in a couple of seasons please contact the equipment director for your jersey number.

~Orders will be shipped directly to your Home!
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