Board Position Descriptions

Board of Directors Positions

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President – Chief executive officer of the corporation and, subject to the control of the directors, shall have general charge and supervision of the affairs of the corporation Mansfield Youth Soccer (MYS). MYS President job description

Vice President – Primarily responsible for supporting the President of Mansfield Youth Soccer and running the end of year program event. MYS Vice President job description

Treasurer – Primarily responsible for disbursements, deposits, reconciliation of bank statements,financial documentation, program budgeting and annual financial statements and audits. Responsibilities can be split into financial statement yearly processing and monthly operational processing. Treasurer Job Description

o Finance Statement – Annual processing of tax returns/annual reporting working directly with accountant firm. Under leadership of Treasurer board position

o Operational -processing payments to referees and MA Youth Soccer/BAYS organizations as well as processing registration payments. Processing invoices to vendors. Most bookkeeping is done electronically through direct deposits & online banking. Under leadership of Treasurer board position

Secretary Position – Primarily responsible for maintaining meeting minutes and meeting dates as well as communicating such among board members. MYS Secretary job description

Registrar Position – Primarily responsible for maintaining the membership records of Mansfield Youth Soccer and reporting to BAYS and Mass Youth Soccer governing leaguesMYS Registrar job description

Fund Raising Director – Help our program continue its success with fund raising by leading, overseeing and coordinating creative and professional fund raising events, activities, local business sponsorships. The MYS fundraising foundation has been establish, this position drives new ideas while maintaining sponsorship base. Several limited participation positions roll up to the director position. MYS Fund Raising Director job description 

o Event Coordinator – Lead events for MYS such as Revolution Nights, Revolution Experience, High School pizza nights, picture days, adult social get together, participation in Mansfield family fun night. Multiple coordinator positions available so no one coordinator would be overwhelmed by leading multiple events.Position rolls up to Fund Raising Director board position. MYS Event Coordinator job description  VACANT

o Sponsorship Coordinator – Primarily responsible to renew sponsorships under the direction of the Fund Raising Director. MYS Sponsorship Coordinator job description    VACANT

o Apparel Coordinator – Primarily responsible to lead apparel sales for MYS with the objective to raise funds for MYS as well as promote youth soccer throughout the Mansfield community. Position is under the leadership of the Fund Raising Director. MYS Apparel Coordinator job description

Travel Director -Job description… Coming Soon

o Travel Try Out Coordinator – Individual to organize the travel try out schedule, schedule evaluators, schedule volunteer help for check ins, communicate to members. Rolls up to Travel Director. Responsibilities are limited to end of spring season.

o Game Day Evaluation Coordinator – Individual to help with coordinating game evaluations for the travel teams. Schedule volunteers, collect data, communicate with coaches. Responsibilities are limited to the spring season.

o Coach Evaluation Coordinator – Individual to help with coordinating the travel team coach evaluations of players. Main responsibility is to communicate to coaches the format for evaluations, collect the data and compile it for travel director to use as input to travel placements. Resp. are limited to the spring season.


Intown Director – Primarily responsible for running the In Town Recreation program for Mansfield Youth Soccer MYS Intown Director job description

o Age Group Coordinators

Referee Director – An individual as the point person for the MYS referee program. Fall and Spring seasons. This position is on the Board of Directors of MYS and has voting and input for policy and procedures. MYS Referee Director job description

  • Travel Referee Assignor– Primary responsibility is to schedule referees for all  regularly scheduled travel games and any subsequent make-up games for Mansfield Youth Soccer. Detailed Job Description
  • Intown Referee Assignor– The role essentially includes emailing the in-town schedules for U8 Girls & Boys, U9-11 Girls and the Border League games each week to your referee contacts and filling the games in order of response. Detailed Job Description
  • Referee Mentor Coordinator – Individual to lead a referee mentoring program for MYS. Includes scheduling of mentoring, collecting feedback, communicating feedback to referees, organizing referee training sessions. Contact Referee Director for more info.    VACANT


Field and Complex Coordinator/Manager – Primarily responsible for maintaining the field space of Mansfield Youth Soccer. MYS Field Director job description    VACANT

o Field Operations Coordinator – Individual to lead the weekly morning preparation of  fields, coordinate volunteers. Position rolls up to Field Director board position.  VACANT

o Field Scheduler – Individual to be the point person to work with the Intown and Travel coordinator to schedule game times and field layouts. Limited to first few weeks of each season. Position rolls up to Field Director board position.  VACANT

PR Director – Lead efforts for MYS to communicate to membership and community. Manage deliver a season newsletter and promote MYS in local newspapers. VACANT

o Newsletter Coordinator – Responsible with the guidance of the PR Director gather MYS news, articles, event calendar from board members. Publish Fall and Spring newsletters. Current software used is MS Publisher. Position rolls up to PR Director board position. VACANT

Tournament Director: Job Descriptions Coming soon

Coach and Player Director: Job Descriptions Coming Soon

Member Relations: Job Descriptions Coming soon

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